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Edward G. Hoffman’s Jig and Fixture Design is a great introductory text on the principles and practice of designing jigs and fixtures for parts machining. While oriented towards the machine shop, the book is handy for those¬†making other sorts of fixtures for woodworking, welding, etc. While you rarely need a jig or fixture for making a single item, when making multiples of a given part, a jig or fixture often reduces the amount of setup time and ensures consistency from part to part.

The book is insanely expensive new, but you can find used copies of the current edition for a manageable sum, and earlier editions are often available for next to nothing. I paid $5.50 for my copy of the third edition at a local book shop.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We used “Fundamentals of Tool Design” in my course on Jig&Fixture Design. Maybe ill check this book out and see if its any less dry than the one I used. The text we read was pretty boring and many times you had to read an entire chapter (sometimes 20 textbook pages) in order to understand things because everything wouldn’t come together until the end.

    Id say the one hugely redeeming quality was the thoroughness of the chapter on Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing for the guys taking the class that somehow managed to sneak in without taking the GD&T course first.

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