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This recall is my most recent favorite. The Wagner Spray Tech heat guns are being recalled to due to — wait for it — fire and burn hazards. Wagner says you should stop using the recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Basically a component failure can cause the guns to continue to produce heat after the power switch is turned off, which melts the heat gun’s plastic exterior and causes burns if the heat gun is touched. It will also ignite nearby combustibles, posing fire and burn hazards. The good news (and the reason I’m joking around about it) is there have been no injuries or property damage, so this is totally preventative.

The affected models include the Milwaukee Heat Gun MHT3300, ACE HT3500 Heat Gun, and the Wagner Heat Gun HT3500. The heat gun’s name and model number are located on a black label on the bottom of the heat gun’s barrel.

If you have one of these guns, just contact Wagner for a free replacement product.

Wagner Spray Tech Recalls Heat Guns Due to Fire and Burn Hazards [CPSC]


7 Responses to Recalls: Wagner Heat Gun

  1. Davo says:

    I have one of these, and use it all the time…Thanks Toolmonger!

  2. Theo says:

    I have one of these as well. No problems with it to-date but I’ll send it in for replacement.

    Great info, Thanks!

  3. Joe Birmingham says:

    Yeah, I have one too. I remember it was a great rebate deal on Home Depot. After the rebate I think it was $15 or $20. Now I get a new one!

    Thanks toolmonger. Now I can tell my wife you are not a waste of my time!

  4. Joe Birmingham says:

    Who is going to remind me to call them on Monday morning?

  5. heywood says:

    I guess this makes sense, but instead of wasting your time sending it in why not just unplug the heat gun after use unless it stops working?

    I mean, that would be too easy right?

    I only buy the metal encased heat guns that have the temp control as less/more air let in the inlet. I know it’s primitive, but if you are good at feathering the exposure to heat you can get the same results on 90% of material.

  6. Joe C. says:

    I can never understand why people get excited about recalls (Yippee, I get a new one). I don’t want to contact/package/send/be without/wait just to get what I originally bought and expected to perform correctly.

    • Timn8er911 says:

      I agree,i have the unit and all i dois switch to cool when im done. Itturns off quick. So i ok with that. So inshort, i will not send in fore recall. No wonder we are losing manufacturing jobs in north america. Sadly this was made in china. Frig.

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