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Coastal Tool has the DeWalt D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit for $27.50. It may look like a medieval torture device but it’s a godsend when installing hardware to fresh door installs. For just under thirty bucks you, too, can get your doorknob to work without a string of profanities.

The kit allows you to drill the holes on the front and side of the door while maintaining alignment. It uses a simple clamp to hold it on the door and comes with the needed saws (there are three different kits for different doors and locksets). It’s mostly made of high-impact plastic so it won’t break the first time you drop it — maybe the second, but not the first.

Door Lock Installation Kit – D180004 [costaltool.com]


8 Responses to Dealmonger: DeWalt D180004 Door Lock Installation Kit

  1. fred says:

    Here is what I wrote recently as part of my comments in response to the DealMonger item on E-Z Mark 4” Butt Gage:

    While pre-hung doors are usually ordered pre-bored for locksets/passage sets – slab doors need more work. We like our lockset boring jig – made by Classic Engineering – which offers different options for different backsets and non-standard diameters. We also get a few clients who want to match (or use) old mortised-in locksets – so then out comes our Porter Cable 513 mortising machine.

    Adding to my prior comments:
    The type of jig pictured – may be better than some of those sold at HD and Lowes (e.g. the one made by Irwin – but for professional work more comprehensive jigs like the Classic Engineering:


    will do a good job and offer greater flexibility.

    At the other end of the spectrum – a homeowner can make a decent jig out of scrap ¾ plywood – or better yet 5/4 maple stock – formed into an “L-Shaped” jig – with a good 90 degree corner – and cross-bored for the 2 holes (typically 1-inch for the door edge and 2-1/8 inch for the door face)

  2. Dennis says:

    I could have really used one of those jigs fred mentions when I worked making doors. I have used and designed a lot of homemade jigs but that looks like it would have saved me A LOT of time.

  3. Dan says:

    Er, are the hole saws in backwards, or do I not understand what is going on there?

  4. dcdude says:

    I wish it had a template for outlining the latch plate mortise. Not absolutley necessary, but nice to have.

  5. BG says:

    Dan: Click through and look at the product page, it seems the hole saws are basically just in there as pictured here for storage. I had the same question as you when I first saw it.

  6. Ben H says:

    I’ve got a “irwin” version of this thing, the jig works great. The hole saws however are, em, not great….;)

  7. Ed says:

    Does this lock installation kit come with the bolt pin to align for the strike plate and where to drill for the latch bolt?

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