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Once I saw this monster I quickly realized the race for the largest rolling tool chest had been won years ago by Craftsman. Near as we can figure, that is a three-piece, twelve-foot, rolling mechanic’s chest.

This image was taken at the Sears headquarters in Hoffman Estates, IL. The chest itself was, of course, just an advertising prop, but we still tip our hats to them for coming up with the idea and wonder who managed to walk off with it when they were done with it.

We’re guessing it wasn’t completely functional and probably made from cardboard or something but if it was real — the lucky joker who managed to get it back to the shop must be rolling over with fits of laughter every time a visitor stops by. They would also win the “My toolbox is bigger than yours” argument hands down.

Craftsman Toolbox [Big Objects]


6 Responses to World’s Biggest: Craftsman Toolbox

  1. Joe Birmingham says:

    Any idea how old that picture is? The box does not look that old.

  2. NickC says:

    I call shenanigans, that’s really a picture of the worlds smallest man.

  3. Bill says:

    It would have been awesome if they had put an access ladder on the side.

  4. Nick the Hick says:

    Bill, I gotta agree. I am thinking that toolbox, although winning the “mine is bigger than yours” contest, doesn’t save me much time.

    Plus, how much wieght could it really hold? But the bottom drawer is big enough to store that spare tranny…..

  5. kyle says:

    it does look like a newer box design
    who bets it has ball bearing slides

  6. river1 says:

    man you could almost put a makeshift bed in the bottom drawer. be great for those mid afternoon naps.

    later jim

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