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There is one week left for the Paslode giveaway, so don’t forget to enter if you already haven’t — and remember that you can add to your chances by entering a comment on this or any of the other Paslode giveaway posts again.

Paslode was kind enough to offer up a set of cordless tools for us to give away to one of our loyal readers. Next month we’ll select a winner from all of you who post valid comments on any of the Paslode giveaway posts (like this one).

Sure, you already post your thoughts here — and you deserve a hearty “thank you” from me and the rest of the Toolmonger community — but now when you post a comment, you’re not only sharing your experience with other Toolmongers around the world; you’re also adding a chance to win!  That’s good all ’round, yeah?

Paslode Cordless Giveaway Rules [Toolmonger]


75 Responses to How-To: Win A Set Of Paslode Cordless Tools – 1 Week Left

  1. Larry Richardson says:

    Yep. This should be in my tools.

  2. Pepster says:

    These look like a nice solution for those of us who don’t have a compressor (yet!).

    Anyone have comments on the run-time before neeeding a recharge/refill?

  3. fred says:


    I posted a few time before on this question.

    The Paslodes use both a rechargeable NiCad battery and a canister of mixed fuel gas.

    The new CF325 framer – uses a gas canister that is only supplied bundled with the box of nails. For this gun, Paslode gurantees that the fuel is adequate to drive the entire box.

  4. Jim German says:

    Thats great to hear fred, is that true for the finishing nailer too?

  5. Alan says:

    Even for those with a compressor, these would sure be handy.

  6. Patrick says:

    I’ve always wanted a set of these. I think they’d be great for my next project – expanding a bathroom and adding a closet.

  7. Stephen says:

    I always remember the Paslodes my dad had being the more reliable guns that he had building houses…

    I can definitely see a great use for the framer while making fences out in the pasture. Paper instead of plastic on the nails is better than leaving little pieces of plastic everywhere as well…

  8. BrianD says:

    I would love to try these out, I can imagine how much easier they would be to setup and run with.

  9. Jack says:

    Looks like a nice addition to the arsenal of tools.

  10. Yuriy says:

    A year ago my wife talker me into putting molding on top of the kitchen cabinets

    I got me “heavy duty” Arrow Fastener ET200
    and guess what?

    The molding they half done.
    Nails bend or go half way only
    and hummer usually buts dents on the molding
    so I keep on wasting molding

    Just imagine
    how happy she will be to see finished project for her birthday (it had to be birthday present in 2008)

    It look like a tool for the job

  11. KaiserM715 says:

    I have been needing a nail gun and the prospect of going cordless is very intriguing.

  12. Joseph says:

    these would make my remodeling work and wood shop work go so much faster.

  13. Beans says:

    Cordless nail guns would be great for a lot of different jobs. In the past year, I could have used these guys many, many times. Here’s hoping I get a chance to use them soon!

  14. TF says:

    These cordless nail guns sure do look interesting.

  15. Joe_V says:

    Not having to haul a compressor out for every application would be a real time saver.

    I don’t own any Paslode tools but I’ve heard lot’s good things about them.

  16. kdp says:

    Safety tip – If you’re going to play battle with cordless nailers, ALWAYS wear hearing protection. People tend to scream loudly when you shoot them and if you are close enough that could lead to hearing loss.

  17. Rick says:

    It would be so wonderful to replace my Bostich finishing nailers with this. Sure, I’ve been happy with the Bostich kit and compressor but when I helped my Dad finish out his basement it was like night and day. Obviously it was already a win from the get go due to the lack of air hoses but the using my Dad’s Paslode finishing nailer was like driving a Lexus where my Bostich had been a Ford. Very smoothe operation. No jams. Just throw in some fasteners, a cartridge, and go.

    I must have this in my workshop. Pretty please, with sugar on top?

    Ok, Ok, I’ll throw in whip cream and a cherry too. Common, I’m not above begging (^_^)

  18. Tom S says:

    Yes, please.

  19. Shopmonger says:

    I would love to have one of these.. My question is when is plaslode coming out with a impact driver, and a steal cutter with their technology. I would love to see more innovation with these. Although they are even today a great tool.

    Sean, Chuck were is the podcast……….I am anxiously waiting

    Donny B “The ShopMonger”

  20. fred says:

    @ Jim German

    We have both old versions and new ones of their Impulse (Cordless) framing nailers – their 16ga Angled Finish Nailers and 18ga Brad nailers.

    Only the CF325 comes with nails and fuel bundled together. I think someone commenting some time ago on Toolmonger – speculated that was to help Paslode sell their nails.

    For the other guns – I have not heard any recent complaints about the fuel cans running out too quickly but we probably don’t really check on this. Several years ago – we did have a problem with one style of fuel can nozzle leaking in the old framer. I actually think this was the subject of a recall – and a redesign. Haven’t had any other problems for several years now – but like anything that has an engine in it – you need to do some maintenance (disassemle and clean the piston/cylinder) if you put a lot of “miles” on it.

  21. Josh says:

    So what if you don’t use an entire fuel bottle? How long would it last sitting in the gun? I wouldn’t use it professionally so it could be months from one project to the other. I would worry about the bottle leaking and then having to buy nails that I dont need.

    Either way, this would be of great use on my next project….building a detached garage to get my tools/mini-wood shop/yard equipment out of the main garage. Why are houses built with no storage these days? Mines even 20 years old and still…none.

  22. Rich says:

    This would have made re-framing my bathroom walls much easier. Not having to trip on an air hose=priceless.

  23. Eli says:

    I’ll take them if no one else wants them. I spent this month’s tool budget on an HP 3478A DMM for my test bench.

  24. river1 says:

    as an add on to kdp, along with hearing protection you need to wear eye protection. most of us already know this but this adds another valid comment hehe

    later jim

  25. river1 says:

    HP 3478A!!!!


    later jim

  26. matthew says:

    I would be very pleased to own these.

  27. Dazrin says:

    I saw one of these (or something similar) a few years ago and loved it. We were putting up boards for a vaulted wood ceiling and this was SIGNIFICANTLY easier than the pneumatic nailer we had. No hoses to get in the way was great, especially when on a scaffold (with maybe not the appropriate amount of safety gear…)

  28. Dazrin says:

    I suppose I should mention the slight drawback. We had a couple people helping who didn’t agree with the fumes after a while. One person got a little light headed. Easy fix of course…use in a well ventilated area.

  29. Will says:

    Even with the fumes there should be no problems. Use in well ventilated areas or exhaust fans where you are using them. I would still love to own them. Either way I am saving up for a finish nailer at the least.

  30. tmib_seattle says:

    Well, since I’m trying to be constructive, instead of a “me too” post, let me just start by saying how much I enjoy Toolmonger. Not butt-kissing here; it’s one of the sites I read daily, and I particularly enjoy seeing readers’ projects.

    My own projects have been featured here 10 times, so I’m a little biased I guess. 🙂

    That said, I’d love to see more “how-to” posts; when you feature a reader’s project, instead of just showing the photo from flickr with a few comments, why not contact them and ask if they’d write up a full report/how to article? Some of the “one beer projects” have been really fun, and I’d love to see more reader-submitted content along the same lines.


  31. Copguy says:

    My folks have just retired and live in a 1903 farmhouse which is badly in need of a whole lot of work. While I’m pretty handy with a set of these, the cost of buying my own (or even renting them) is prohibitive, and it’s too much for them to afford to hire someone with the tools. I’d like to be able to help them fix it up to a condition where they could sell it.

    Some of the projects that need to be done: reshingle/patch the roof, lay down subfloor and laminate in the attic, repair their original hardwood floors and fill in where needed, repair/replace the exterior clapboards, replace parts of the deck, repair the wainscotting on the walls… well, you get the idea.

  32. fred says:

    @ Josh

    We use ours almost every day – so fuel shelf life is not an issue. This is not a real cheap way to go – if that’s what your looking at. The CF325 nails/fuel can combo sells for about $40 in boxes of 1000 – so if you really need only 100 nails per project – you can do the math. What it buys us is productivity and cost savings on jobs – where labor cost is a significant factor. Having either cordless or pneumatic nailers – especially trim nailers – gives you a better quaility product in shorter time. Sure – a real craftsman can attach rope molding to cabinetry, fill in the brad holes etc. – But not as effortlessly as using a 18ga brad nailer or better yet a 23ga pinner. For casing, crown moldings etc. – using a 15 – 16ga finish nailer means that you can hold with one hand and nail with the other.

  33. ttamnoswad says:

    i currently have a dewalt 18 volt 15 gauge cordless. Think it works pretty good, albeit a bit heavy. Curious to have a hands on opportunity to see how the Paslode system compares side by side. I use the cordless nailer for cedar shingle repair, pre-hung door install, misc non critical trim work etc.

  34. Jeff says:

    i did not know that there were 18v cordless nailers. Do you have to clean the impulse guns?

  35. Shopmonger says:

    Oh another idea is a for the road, impact gun for lugs……great portability……I would buy one for my wife ….

  36. Bill says:

    Timing for this couldn’t be better. I just finished painting and need to install crown molding. With these I wouldn’t even need a compressor. Eliminating that racket would be a hit since I am living in the house I am working on.

  37. David Boevers says:

    I always amazes me how many of my students have never heard of these tools. They’re too cool not to know about, yes?

  38. J. Briley says:

    Dude! That set of tools would kicka$$!! I have some home projects that I could really use them for.

  39. Fred says:

    I would love to win.

  40. MikeKnit says:

    These tools sure would come in handy as I just stated to tear up the kitchen to remodel it, from floor to ceiling !!! Wouldn’t have to worry about the air hose getting in the way. By the way…. Toolmonger Site rocks !!!!!

  41. techguy688 says:

    this set would be a force multiplier to anyone who works on rough to finish carpentry. this is an great marketing scheme to get all of your loyal followers to post to the site. we all would post some more if we could have a few more podcasts. podcasts. podcasts. podcasts. podcasts.

  42. Richard says:

    Always thought the Paslode orange looked cool…

  43. Gary says:

    Yep, it matches my Gator shirts well.

  44. Neil says:

    You can never have enough tools…especially power tools….and especially FREE power tools.

  45. Andy says:

    The Paslode nail guns work extremely well. I was introduced to them by my FD. We use them in our collapse/trench rescue. Durable, reliable and hard-working. Another set would go right onto the Rescue company giving them their own cordless Paslode tools.

  46. Chuck Holcomb says:

    I have the framing nailer and man is it sweet. I also have a porter cable compressor with a brad nailer and finish nailer and it is a real pain to use compaired the the Paslode. When Hurricane Katrina came thru and leveled my wood fence this thing was a dream. I even had my wife out there firing some nails.

  47. Bill says:

    I have air nailers for building cabinets in my shop, but these cordless nailers would really be great for installing them on site.

  48. Pepster says:

    I can only imagine the number of things I can find to nail with these.

    Perhaps I can finally have my LCD TV on the ceiling dream come true!

  49. Tim W says:

    Valid comment…

  50. Petey says:

    Anyone else think that this should be called tne “@ssload of Pasload” giveaway?

    Cool tools and a great opportunity!

  51. Nick da Hick says:

    I was thinking about these nail guns a little more today. I am thinking also bout those fun little OBP projects. I am betting the ease and simplicity of using these things would seriously help in making those longer projects a little closer to a one beer project.

    Now, that 4×8 mini deck off the back door could become a seriously fun little project.

  52. Douglas I says:

    As a professional do-it-yourselfer I was skeptical the first time I rented this set from my local rental center. I was glad to be proven wrong as I found it incredibly safe & simple to use. I re-modeled a bedroom to prepare for the birth of my first child and I was able to tackle any “nailing” application that came my way.

    To own a set would be a dream fulfilled.


  53. monty says:

    Got a big shop remodel coming up, the paslode nail gun would help

  54. kent hanson says:

    I have used both the framing nailer and the brad nailer and absolutely love the freedom that they bring to the jobsite. The only downfall of the tools are only there because of the technology that’s used to make them so convienient. If given the choice, Paslode cordless nailers win every time.

  55. jon devries says:

    hope it is still going on

  56. aaron says:

    i agree with larry

  57. Daniel says:

    I have been looking at these for a long time. I hate lugging around my big compressor to worksites!

  58. Petey says:

    The bright orange will help keep me from tripping over these tools, as I am wont to do on a regular basis.

    Curse my large and unwieldy feet.

  59. Petey says:

    Random thought (Unrelated to my enourmous shoes)

    How loud are these tools? Compressors being loud beasts I’d love an option that wouldn’t upset my wife or wake the baby when I’m in the basement working.

    Are we talking:
    – Quiet *Puff*,
    – Manual hammer-level noise,
    – You need ear protection
    – You NEED ear protection
    – Dear god, my ears are bleeding

  60. Fat Neophyte says:

    I just noticed that there’s a nice in depth review of this in my favorite tool blog!


    It answers most of the weight and noise questions people have posted in the thread.

  61. Petey says:

    Wow F.N. – That was quick!

    Looks like it’s worth keeping some spare earplugs in the case with the nailer.

  62. EpeeBoy says:

    I was just poking on their corporate site. Can anyone explain the pro/cons of the straight versus the angled finish nailer?

  63. river1 says:

    if i did my math right there are 386 comments so far. even if you just do 1 comment thems pretty good odds.

    thanks Toolmonger!!

    later jim

  64. Zathrus says:


    As others have noted (including the TM review), it sounds about like a small caliber weapon firing off.

    You NEED ear protection.

    If it comes down purely to an issue of noise, I’d have to give a traditional compressor/nail gun the edge — since you can (usually) put the compressor away from anything that would be affected by the noise. Of course, you can’t do anything about the noise of the nail and gun itself, but that’s true for both.

    The other advantages of the Paslode guns, however, are really significant and easily make it the best choice if you can afford them (or win them!).

  65. Petey says:

    Thanks Zaruthus.

    Now that I live in a neighborhood where small caliber weapon fire is unusual, It’ll be interesting to see how the neighbors react.

  66. Squirt says:


    I can only imagine how the “Shop Hound” will react the first time I fire off one of these. She has already decided she hates power saws.

    I’ll have to build her a nice new dog house to make up for the noise 😉

  67. EpeeBoy says:

    Squirt: Please tell me you can think of at least one use for these besides scaring the dog. – As entertaining as that might be.

    Douglas: Its nice to hear that these are easy to figure out, I tend to have a steep learning curve on machinary, especially when I’m trying to respect it’s ability to do me harm.

  68. Pepster says:

    Nick da Hick:

    I hope any project with an internal combustion power nailer is at MOST a one beer project. I can’t imagine using a nailer while hammered.

    Heh heh – Hammered nailing – ::Listens for the groan::

  69. T Wave says:

    I had recommended the finish nailer to a friend of the family. Her business was to go into people’s houses and paint mini-murals on the wall. Sometimes she nails a faux frame around the mural to make it look like a real picture. The portability would have been a huge boon for her.

    At the time, I had just gotten a compressor and a framing nailer. This worked prety good until I tried to beyond my then workshop. It’s now our bedroom and I no longer have a workshop.

    These would come in pretty handy for those second/ third story projects when doing outside trim, as well as other projects on the ground (porch, shed). And when my wife has a school drama set that she needs built, this would be sooo much easier that trying to squeeze cases of tools, hoses and a huge honkin’ compressor!

  70. T Wave says:

    P.S. Love the website!!!

  71. Petey says:

    River 1:

    You have too much time on your hands. Time that couldd be better spent using power nailers!

  72. rob wilcox says:

    there are times, i wish i had some air powered nailers

    paslode are excellent

    ill just have to wait for the lotto

  73. Bullseye says:

    How fast can you nail with these tools?
    What is the time in between shots? I am not in a hurry but was just curious?

  74. Sweettalker says:

    I like the idea that the butane comes with the nails. There is nothing like having plenty of nails and running out of juice!!! It will be one less thing I will have to run back to pick up.

  75. Dave Thomson says:

    The framing nailer is a great time saver on small jobs or remote sites where setting up a compressor is not practical.

    Noise is comparable to most air nailers.

    Cost of butane is a bit high, but worth it.

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