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Here’s a free chance for anyone in the Wayne, NJ, area to drool and paw over Lie Nielsen’s finest hand tools and planes on June 26 & 27, 2009. Oh, and there’s interactive stuff there too. Did we mention the Lie-Nielson hand tools?

The LN folks have demos going all day at two interactive stations designed to help you learn sharpening and hand plane techniques while playing with the very best tools they have to offer — which as hand planes go, aren’t shabby at all. We find these demos are a great place to learn a few quick skills and pick the brains of the people in the know. It also goes without saying that at the show you will be able to purchase almost anything Lie-Nielsen makes.

Admission to the event is free, but be careful — these shows are a lot like a ghetto-style crack dealer. They entice you with the free product samples and no cover because they know once tool fanatics smell new tools they gotcha. Stay strong or leave the plastic at home if you’re weak/broke like me. 

Check the site for details and directions.

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event [Site Details]


2 Responses to Event: Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event

  1. fred says:

    LN tools are not just for drooling.
    Each of my master carpenters carries their choice of a LN block plane – most selecting the 60-1/2 – but a one opting for a 140
    We consider them worth the price for fine fitting work.

  2. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    I live in China now, but 4 of the few tools I brought with me are L-N! Missing shows like this is one of the bad parts of being here. (And I used to live 20 minutes from Wayne).

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