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Amazon has the best deal we can find on a 7/8″ cutting diameter Magnate round nose router bit: $18.14, although it’s the same price on the Magnate website.

I happen to need one for an upcoming project so I spent some time looking around on the web. It’s hard to filter out the length vs. the cutting diameter or radius (7/16″), but I think this is the least expensive available. Any comments on the quality of Magnate bits is welcome!

Magnate 806 Core Box Router Bits – 7/16″ Radius; 1/2″ Shank Diameter; 3/4″ Cutting Length [What’s This?][amazon.com]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Magnate 806 Core Box Router Bit

  1. Jim German says:

    MLCS has one thats a buck cheaper, and has free shipping (vs the ridiculous $10 shipping on amazon)


  2. Chris says:

    I’ve got a few high end Magnate saw blades that are top notch.

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