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Just a quick reminder about our Paslode giveaway — it wraps up at the end of June. Paslode was kind enough to offer up a set of cordless tools for us to give away to one of our loyal readers. Next month we’ll select a winner from all of you who post valid comments on any of the Paslode giveaway posts (like this one).

Sure, you already post your thoughts here — and you deserve a hearty “thank you” from me and the rest of the Toolmonger community — but now when you post a comment, you’re not only sharing your experience with other Toolmongers around the world; you’re also adding a chance to win!  That’s good all ’round, yeah?

Paslode Cordless Giveaway Rules [Toolmonger]


36 Responses to How-To: Win A Set Of Paslode Cordless Tools

  1. Gordon says:

    Cordless is good, but what’s the weight of these puppies?

  2. Patrick says:

    Not sure on the weight, amazon lists this framing nailer model at about 7 lbs.

  3. slapinem says:

    the framing nailer is a little bit heavier than a traditional nailer but the fact that there is no hose to get in the way really seems to reduce the fatigue factor, for me at least.

  4. Will says:

    The fact that you do not need a compressor seems to be a winner to me. My compressor has to be dug out to use. Although the balance and weight is a major factor not have to lug hoses or a compressor every time you need it seems to be a winning combination.

  5. Ben says:

    I really like the idea of cordless, and having used both Paslode and Dewalt cordless nail guns, I like the idea of only running on battery and not the fuel packs that the Paslode’s require, but the Paslode is quicker and easier to use.

  6. Pete says:

    I’ve never used a cordless nail gun. How does the driving power compare to an air nailer? Can you adjust the force similar to how you can on an air nailer by adjusting the regulated air pressure??

  7. Joel Spangler says:

    I’ve seen a cordless being used (didn’t use it myself), but I was impressed at the speed you can keep going with with the cordless… most pancake compressors just can’t keep up with a full sized framing nailer, and the 30 second breaks every minute or so with a traditional setup can get REALLY annoying. If you don’t have a full sized compressor at the job site, you wind up losing a lot of time with a tradition setup.

    With the cordless, it seemed that actually putting in the nails didn’t seem like a problem, and noise is less of a factor.. you can have a conversation with someone without having to shout over the compressor, or wait until it shuts off.. you only have noise when actually using these things.

  8. Kody says:

    I have used my father’s set and really like them. The batteries and fuel cartridges last a long time and not having the hose to drag around, makes up for any additional weight on the tools. The force is adjustable. Starting construction on my families’ first home in July, a set of these of my own sure would come in handy 😉

  9. Galadriel says:

    With our current heat wave, I was going to put up some blankets as extra insulation along the windows yesterday, with thumbtacks so as not to damage the blankets. Couldn’t find the thumbtacks, and was sure that even small nails would make too large a hole. Then remembered my electric staplegun. These things have a million uses, I tell ya.

  10. JD says:

    I have little use for a framing nailer.

    But these are pretty cool and I still would love to win a set.

  11. Brew says:

    they are quite a bit heavier than normal pneumatic guns, but are quite handy. the ones I have used work ok when they are new but need to be cleaned fairly quickly after buying. after this the frequency of cleaning goes down, and they seem to break in and work better. I have also used the dewalt one, and though it is nice not having a fuel cell, it is not near as balanced as the paslodes are.

  12. John says:

    These have to be better then dragging the whole compressor out just to nail a few pieces in the back 40.

  13. kdp says:

    Can you control for power to keep depth consistent across different species with different densities?

  14. Cameron Watt says:

    Ah, cordless…no more having to keep a “clean” air hose to use inside.

  15. ange dapa says:

    How else would i be able to remodel my house without the best tools on the market?

  16. Jim German says:

    I keep meaning to run a compressed air line out to the garage (where I do most of my work) but I never get around to it, and always have to lug the hose up from the basement. It’d be great having a Paslode so I would never have to worry about getting the hose.

  17. apotheosis says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to use a cordless framing nailer on a local Habitat for Humanity build, and it worked quite well. Wish they’d had a hose-less roofing nailer, I ’bout killed myself on those hoses.

    Perils of the amateur, I guess. 😀

  18. Matt T says:

    You know, I’ve always wanted to try one of these. I had an occasion to use a pneumatic nailer (with hose) and, well, it wasn’t pretty. Besides that, hauling that nailer around with the hose just annoyed me. Sure it wasn’t too heavy, but it was like having a really long, not too flexible cord to deal with.

    This, though? Ooh, that would have been nice. I’d take a bit more weight for better maneuverability.

  19. Richard says:

    What happened to my comment from yesterday?

    I could use the framing nailer. Currently use a DeWalt 18V finish nailer.

  20. Todd says:

    How long does the fuel last?

  21. fred says:

    @Cameron Watt

    We like urethane hoses for interior work – they clean-up easier than rubber – are not as problematical as PVC – but don’t mark-up the work as much as rubber.


    On the new CF325 framer – Paslode says that the fuel cells (sold only bundled with their nails) – will drive the entire box. We’ve found that to be true – with some to spare.

  22. Mike P. says:

    Hmm… free tools? Yeah, I’d like that!

  23. Rich says:

    These are great for when you have a remotely located project and don’t want to deal with dragging out the compressor, hoses and generator to the far end of the farm. They also beat dragging air hoses through the attic or crawl spaces when you need to work in those areas.

    I’ll go along with apotheosis and wish they had a cordless roofing nailer with this set also.

  24. Jerrick says:

    These run on fuel and battery packs, correct? How long many charges will the battery packs last for? Are replacement batteries expensive or difficult to find? I think these would be great for an upcoming basement finishing project!

  25. fred says:


    The Paslode NiCad rechargeable batteries run about $50+- either online or at Home Depot / Lowes. They’ve been around long enough that there are aftermarket rebuilt ones for sale at lower price – but as a homeowner – you are not likely to kill the battery. Fuel cans are also sold at Lowes and HD – but if you buy a CF325 – you need to buy Paslode nails to get its special fuel can bundled in.

  26. Ben says:

    Do the new nail and fuel combo packs come in all nail sizes?

    When I’m using my framing nailer I’ll be shooting 3″ coated nails, 3″ galvanized nails, 2 3/8 ring shank nails, and 2 3/8 galvanized nails all in the same day.

  27. Pepster says:

    These things look heavy. Although it would be a nice excuse to build some muscle.

    I can only imagine the list of Jobs the Lil’ woman will think up once she knows I can do framing quickly and easily.
    What;s the learning curve on one of these? is it easy to mess up the wood, or set yourself back by messing up the settings? Or are they somewhat idiot proof (versus a hammer?)

  28. Pepster says:

    Oh, do these require that you use the Pasload nails?

    I’m new to power nailers, so I’m not sure of they have proprietary feed mechanisms or some such.

  29. Beans says:

    Pepster, I’m pretty sure they use standard feed nails. It would be a shame if they went with some sort of proprietary feed.

  30. jon devries says:


  31. Pepster says:


    Good to hear it. From the sounds of it, the “fuel” outlasts the branded nail package, so it’ll be nice ot not have to toss the extra.

  32. Fat Neophyte says:



    This covers the weight, and it’s from a trusted source!

  33. Squirt says:

    I have plenty of tools that will scare the shop hound as is, I imagine these things will send her scurrying. She prefers old school tools, they don’t disturb her naps.

    I, on the other hand, prefer tools that leave me more time for beer and golf.

    and playing with the shop hound.

  34. EpeeBoy says:

    If I get lucky in this givaway, these will far and away be the nicest tools in my shop.

  35. Pepster says:

    Will these things drive nails into concrete? Say I wanted to put up a 2×4 to mount some shelves in the basement. Instead of Tapcons, could I use nails?

  36. Petey says:

    How awasome will fourth of joly be for the winner who gets to utilize small explosions to drive nails?

    It’s just d@mn American, ain’t it? No matter the job, we’ll find a way to taclke it with fire, explosions, high voltage, or a big freakin’ robot.

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