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Since I tend to drool a lot in actual knife stores, I do the majority of my blade shopping online. The Burnt Barnboard handles from Case caught my eye this week. The orangey/yellow colors and rough texture carved into calf bone look beautiful and rugged at the same time.

The Burnt Barnboard style is just that: a style. No smoked wood and no barns were harmed in the making of the handle material itself, but the effect is quite striking. True to the usual Case style, the material is fit to most of the popular pocket knife formats Case offers such as folding hunters, lock backs, Stockmans and toothpicks of varying sizes.

Since the Burnt Barnboard isn’t Mammoth Tusk or some other sort of rare and hard-to-come-by material, the price isn’t too bad either. Expect to pay $35 – $65 for a Case Barnboard blade of your choice. The major pricing factors will be the overall size of the knife in general and the blade pattern you select.

Burnt BarnBoard Kinves [Case]
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