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Milwaukee is still putting the final touches on this bad boy, but that didn’t stop them from letting us play with their new compact band saw. Our homie Doug Mahoney, pictured above, models the new corded band saw doing its thing.  Yeah, it’s as badass as it looks.

Milwaukee designed the rig to work above your head or in cramped areas — you know, somewhere other than a bench where you have plenty of room.  Keeping the cramped areas in mind, Milwaukee also engineered a retractable shoe on the unit that allows you to flush-cut pipes against a wall.

Milwaukee says the unit is 45 percent lighter than their standard portable band saw and can handle about 85 percent of what its larger brethren can do. From the little we did get to play with it, we can say that certainly feels true. Our sample models easily plowed through everything we put in front of them, and they never bogged or stopped once.

At the event we heard that both the corded model you see here and the V28 cordless model will be available around October of this year.  We’ll let you know more when we do.

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4 Responses to Preview: Milwaukee Compact Band Saw

  1. tooldork says:

    The Snob on the Monger

  2. Fabian says:

    how long do the blades last on these types of tools.. and are they expensive..?

    Looks like fun..


  3. DW says:

    Fabian: the blades last quite a while as long as you treat the tool right. Basic stuff, letting the tool do the work etc. These saws can be expensive but if you cut metal often and need a hand power tool to do it (where a chop saw won’t do because you move locations often or need to cut in place) these are well worth the money.

    Anyway, looks promising, I currently have a Porter Cable Porta-Band, prefer it mostly because it is lighter and less awkward, which can really be a problem if you have to make a cut in an odd space. Though the Milwaukees I have used seem to cut faster than the porta-band… If this is happy medium, I will be sold.

  4. SuperJdynamite says:

    The Milwaukee porta-band saws are pretty great but they are really quite heavy. You’re definitely aware of the weight of the saw while you’re trying to use it. A 45% weight reduction would be welcome.

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