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We like to discover tools from around the world and to try and figure out what they’re used for — even common items like a wrench might look different somewhere else.  Reader Noel found this Lithuanian spanner on eBay.  Even though we’re not sure exactly what it was designed for, a spanner is a spanner no matter where in the world it comes from.

The maker’s mark is in Russian, so unless someone can read it or recognizes the brand, Noel may never know its origin.  He says it swings to adjust to the proper size, then stays tight as you use it, which makes sense since we don’t see any other mechanism.

Nice find, Noel — we’re always suckers for strange, old tools ourselves.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


4 Responses to Flickr Pool: Russian Spanner

  1. David Bryan says:

    You can piss off the Lithuanians and Russians at the same time like that.

  2. Tomas says:

    hey, i am from Lithuania, and if you look at the map sometimes, or read some books, you will be amazed that Lithuania is not the same as Russia for quite a long time.

  3. brandman says:

    looks just like the solson pop-prow wrench from India.

  4. Aleksejs says:

    The markings on handle say that once it cost 2 roubles and 40 kopeyks – that’s what those letters mean. Since prices were fixed – they were already “cast on/engraved onto” the tools.

    And yes – you have to be really carefull not to mix Lithuania with Russia 😉

    I could not find any more information on which factory exactly was making these, but the logo stands for “АЗ” that is shorthand for (most probably) “агрегатный завод” – “factory of agregates”.

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