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The folks at Big Ass Fans must be loving this picture right now. As we understand it, this is what’s left of a shoe factory after it was hit by a tornado that swept through the Sikeston, Missouri area earlier this year. If you look close, the fans are still there.

What does this mean?  Not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things.  In all honesty, no one can predict how tornadoes will behave or what, if anything, will come through undamaged. These fans had just as much chance as anything else that was strapped down in the building.

But on balance, if I were Big Ass Fans I’d have this picture blown up and hung in the corporate lobby.

Note: We’re told that all employees escaped safely.

Big Ass Fans Withstand Extreme Winds [Big Ass Fans]
Big Ass Fans [Website]


4 Responses to Big Ass Fans Dish It And Take It

  1. Look at the wiring chase/conduit it’s attached to. It’s bent.

    I bet that fan was spinning FAST.

  2. John says:

    They should show that picture with the following caption to make more sales:
    These fans will blow your roof off!


  3. heywood says:

    “now this is what happens when you run an unsupported voltage through our fans…be warned boys and girls” =P

  4. Joe Birmingham says:

    Those are very popular fans in large facilities. I bought one at my former employer and they have them at my current employer. Everyone loves the name of the company when you are at a Fortune 50 company. The silly name lightens everything up.

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