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Tool Discounter is selling this OTC Battery Service Tool Kit (part #516508) for $40.  The kit includes a heavy-duty battery terminal puller, 4-way battery post cleaner and reamer, angled battery nut pliers, GM 5/16″ battery terminal ratchet wrench, extra-long 5/16″ terminal ratchet wrench, 10mm battery terminal ratchet wrench, and side terminal battery brush — everything you need to properly handle your battery maintenance needs.

OTC Battery Service Tool Kit [ToolDiscounter.com]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: OTC Battery Service Tool Kit $40

  1. Joe says:

    not that great of a deal – get it from amazon for $3 more and avoid the monkey business from tooldiscounter.com. They have good prices but their shipping policy sucks – if something is out of stock, they hold your whole order, and don’t tell you. Nothing like ordering $500 worth of tools only to be held up over some $10 piece you added for fun – and not seeing them or an explaination for 2 months.

  2. Lenny Nero says:

    LOL… I just saw a pared down version of this kit on the ****-ON truck for about 3x the price… and I laughed at it then… Part of the reason its a rare day that I actually buy anything off the truck. I feel sorry for techs who are so brand loyal that they can’t see when they’re getting utterly ripped off just because of a name.

  3. Manny says:

    NEVER order from tooldiscounter.com. I wonder why I can’t get a simple invoice to list what I had ordered online….? Very shady. They also bait and switch prices, don’t send/order the
    parts on time and the owner is rude and cares more about the money he’s taking from you
    than he does about taking care of you as a customer. They take orders knowing full well that they don’t
    intend on getting it to you within 2 weeks. All to save a few pennies. Not worth it if you ask me and neither are they. I’m insulted and plan on spending my money elsewhere.

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