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Milwaukee is currently offering a free tool with the purchase of some of the combo kits in their M12, M18, and V28 power tool lines. Depending on availability and the tool line you’re purchasing from, you can choose from such freebies as extra batteries, add-on wet/dry vacs, a Sawzall, and many more items.

This special rebate offer runs through June 30, 2009, and you can find more details on Milwaukee’s website.

Offer Details [Milwaukee]


6 Responses to Dealmonger: Free Milwaukee Tool W/ Kit Purchase

  1. fred says:

    Same comment I made earlier:

    We have been so impressed with this line that we have bought 1 dozen each 2401 drivers, 2420 hackzalls and 2471 tubing cutters. We have also bought half that many each 2450 impact drivers and 2451 impact wrenches – to have 12 in total.

    The complement our other recent cordless purchases which have been Makita 18V LXT tools.

  2. donutboy says:

    wow you are drinking the kool-aid. how many tubing cutters have you broken? I have sold 5 and had 4 returned.

  3. fred says:

    It is really best as a tight-spot cutter – and for tubing (read this a meaning untempered copper – not anything else)

  4. donutboy says:

    so out of the 36+ 12v tools that you have how many have you had to return?

  5. fred says:

    This turns out to have been a very useful post – and I now stand corrected about the tubing cutters.
    I just did a start-of-the-shift survey this morning and learned that 4 out of the 6 tubing cutters no longer work and were silently relegated to the front of the trucks – out of the way of the real tools. They apparrently did not fail immediately – and the failures were not related to battery failure. We have had several problems with some batteries that did not take an initial charge (or at least the charger’s LED’s said that they were broken. I’m told that even though we were using them mostly for tight-spot cutting – and they seemed to work very well initially – they just died – and then out came our old reliable Imperial-Eastman’s.

    I asked about the Hackzalls and the small drivers – and was told that they still seem to be performing – but I now will be watchful.

  6. Iron Head 46 says:

    More Chinese made junk to increase the profit margins for Milwaukee. Quit supporting a Communist country. Buy American or German.

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