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Bent nail through a dowel, you better look out — Sport Mate is selling a product to replace you.  If you’ve ever gone rollerblading or ice skating, you may have used a homemade lace puller to get your laces tight, but who wants to carry around a bent nail in their pocket?

The Lace Puller is a pulling hook that folds into an aluminum carabiner clip for storage.  It comes in either red or blue and retails for $6.  If you can’t find it locally, you’ll probably pay as much again for shipping.

Lace Puller [Sport Mate]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Lace ‘Em Up

  1. Joe says:

    This is actually kind of a crowded market. There are a bunch of different skate lace pullers out there. Hockeymonkey.com lists at least 3 (including this one).

    My personal favorite, however, is a tool that’s actually used to pull springs on motorcycles. They’re about 8″ long and have t-shaped handles, so it’s much easier to reach your laces when you’re fully geared up and realize one of your skates is loose. Google search “Motorcycle spring hook” turns up a few.

  2. @Joe:

    Motorcycle Spring Hook at Amazon

    Nice! I’ll have to try this.

  3. Lenny Nero says:

    You know, there’s one other option too… and you probably already have one.

    Many Victorinox swiss army knives have a hook on the back-side.

    The smallest Victorinox model with this feature is the Climber, and it can be had for about $10-15. So, you get your lace hook AND a swiss army knife to boot!

  4. joe says:

    @Benjamen – yeah, that’s exactly what I have, but shop around, I mine was under $10.

  5. Ben H says:

    I could see people needing something like this for snowboarding boots.

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