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If you own a DeWalt miter saw but find yourself left out in the dark when trying to make detailed cuts, you may want to take a look at DeWalt’s miter saw work light system.  It fits on all DeWalt miter saws, and the angle of the heavy-duty 200W LED bulb allows you to use the blade shadow to easily measure for repeat cuts and angles, without removing the light.

DeWalt’s miter saw work light sells at Lowe’s for $60.

DeWalt Miter Saw Work Light [Lowe’s]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


13 Responses to DeWalt Miter Saw Worklight

  1. Mr P says:

    This piece sounds pretty good it has left and right of blade but the main benefit of this system over lasers is its never off (unless your blade is bent but then you have bigger problems) and it does not need to realigned. Cons are you can’t use in bright lighting conditions and in sunlight outdoors.

  2. Mr.Miz says:

    I was just thinking the same thing Mr P. I don’t think I’ll be using my Miter in dimly lit situations any time soon. I’m partial to my thumbs.

  3. Mike P. says:

    “200W LED bulb”? That would be some amazing LED!

    DeWalt actually doesn’t specify the LED power.

  4. Ron says:

    200 watt led , eh? That bad boy’s pulling 60 amps, I guess it is heavy duty

  5. Kevin Pace says:


    All the information I could find on it stated that 200 watt LED was the maximum wattage it could handle. Nothing, however, stated what wattage was included with it in the box so I’m not sure 200 is what comes stock.

  6. ChrisW says:

    I wonder where Lowes got the 200 watt spec from. There aren’t any 200 watt LEDs. A one watt LED would provide a decent amount of light.

  7. Tracy says:

    Don’t think they’re using a single LED — probably a cluster. But I am curious where the 200 watt number materialized. The power supply is 3.3V — maximum of .9A. That’s just shy of 3W by my calculations.

  8. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    I bet they meant 200 mW — that’s 0.2W.

    I got one of these included with my saw as a freebie. My first reaction was to scoff, but after trying it I’m hooked. It shows up fine under my shop light conditions (reasonable fluorescents) – haven’t tried it outdoors yet. As well as the blade shadow for positioning, the light makes a nice local task light for marking the spot with ruler & pencil. Maybe someday I’ll trust it enough to simply align it with the ruler & shadow line without actually taking the time to mark the wood.
    I don’t know that I’d pay $60 for it, but I’d miss it if it were gone.

  9. Ben H says:

    I’m guessing this takes the place of the laser? Or can both units to fitted to a saw at one time. Now all we need is a night vision version and life would be complete….;)

  10. Mr P says:

    Ben they cannot be on at the same time with the dewalt version
    that installs with a switch but i dont see why you cant use the irwin version that goes on the side of the blade

  11. TomJ says:

    I would rather this come standard on the tool like many of the competitors mitre saws. Why have an add on?

  12. Julian Tracy says:

    It’s on clearance at my local Lowes for $14. (metro detroit area)

    I had the Dewalt laser – worked great, but pain in the butt to align, and the minute you pack up the saw and set it up somewhere else – it would be out of alignment again…

    This LED light rocks! Great site line for cutting and handy for when you’re working into the dark on a job. Many times I’ve set up my cordless fluorescent light near the saw to finish up a job – no need to anymore. Even in bright sunlight, you can slightly shade the area to be able to see the shadow line.

    Must have if you have one of the newer Dewalt saws.


  13. Abdiel says:

    Home Depot is currently clearing them at about $20.00 each.

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