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Yes, ladies and gents, this is a preview of the upcoming Craftsman C3 cordless chainsaw — they’ll add it to the existing C3 line in late July.  Craftsman recently released this information to Sears associates only, and just as of today it’s cleared for public consumption. On with the show!

If you’re familiar with the Craftsman C3 cordless power tool system (or any cordless power tool combo system on the market, for that matter) you know the tools are designed to all share a common battery source. The chainsaw is no different — it’ll run on the same DieHard 19.2 NiCad and Li-ion batteries currently available for the existing C3 lineup.

This chainsaw will sport a 10″ blade with manual push-button oiler and inertia-activated chain brake. Early estimations put the cutting time at 35 minutes with a fully charged NiCad battery and closer to an hour with a fully charged Li-ion. If the specs sound vaguely familiar, it’s because this chainsaw is designed by the same manufacturer that makes the Ryobi One+ system which has included a small chainsaw for a little over a year now.

Obviously, you won’t be felling any trees with a chainsaw like this, but for small-scale pruning and trimming or for cleanup after a storm you can’t beat the simplicity of popping the battery into a 6-pound chainsaw and hacking at everything in your path. This is especially convenient if you already own any C3 tools. No picture exists as of yet — at least not one I’m legally allowed to show you until it shows up on the Sears website — so for now you can all enjoy my Photoshopped image.

The package will include the chainsaw, one NiCad battery, and a charger.  It’ll retail for around $120 and go on sale for about $90, and it’ll be available in your local Sears by late July.  No word yet on if the chainsaw will be offered alone without the battery and charger as a less expensive add-on tool.

Craftsman C3 Set [Sears]


19 Responses to Sneak Peak: Craftsman C3 Cordless Chainsaw

  1. JT says:

    The picture sure looks like the “Original” cordless chainsaw. Oh, it’s not really cordless I can see the pull handle.

    Just funnin with you guys, keep up the good site I love it.

  2. Kevin Pace says:

    Yes, I know the silhouette is of a gas chainsaw. It was the best one I could find. :p

  3. Michael says:

    The killer app for this would be to put it on a pole. I have an electric polesaw with a 10″ bar that I have used for 2 years. While sometimes not having a cord would be nice–for the most part I am within reach of an outlet on my acre yard–even if I have to use 2 extension cords once in a while. Where the electric excels is that it always starts when I pull the trigger–I can set it down for a minute or 2 weeks, pick it up, and it just works. I have had problems with small gas engines before and for the occaisonal use the convenience of the cord beats the “go anywhere-ness” of a gas version.

    A decent run time cordless version (that works as well as my electric) would be the best of both worlds.

  4. Pepster says:

    I have the Ryobi One+ – got it half-off on the borg clearance rack.

    I LOVE it – It is a wonderful option for the homeowner. In under a year, I’ve trimmed branches, taken down a sapling, cut a sucker tree off a major root, etc. It just works, every time I pull the trigger.

    I’ll never use a chainsaw often enough that Ill want to spend 30 minutes refueling, oiling, and futzing with a pull-start, nor do i need an 18″ widow-maker with the same HP as my car. This is a beautifully simple option for folks who need a tool for occasional use. Lightweight, easy to handle, enough power to do the job.

    Another nice thing – with no gas motor, it’s QUIET!

    – Pep

  5. russ says:

    I have the Ryobi One+ also and I like it but I still use the handsaw sometimes. It is good for infrequent light jobs. I forgot the diameter limit but I have cut larger branches than what the manual states.

  6. Brad Justinen says:

    Alright, let me take you b*&%$s to school for second.

    The Craftsman C3 19.2v cordless line is manufactured by TTI, who makes the Ryobi One+ 18v line for Home Depot.

    Here’s a link to TTI


    The C3 and One+ tools are almost exact copies of each other. The only difference is small changes in the the plastic and rubber moldings. All the buttons, switches, and internal parts are the same.

    Here’s a comparison photo I put together.


    When the Craftsman C3 Cordless chainsaw comes out, you can be sure it will look just like this:


    Except for color.

  7. Kevin Pace says:

    Ummm…that wasn’t so much a trip to school as it was a reiteration of what I said in my article.

    “If the specs sound vaguely familiar, it’s because this chainsaw is designed by the same manufacturer that makes the Ryobi One+ system which has included a small chainsaw for a little over a year now.”

  8. kyle says:

    i really like the C3 tools and I plan on getting this if it is avalible as an add on tool

  9. Robert Blackmon says:

    Scary to think the same company that makes Ryobi also makes Milwaukee tools…

  10. Bill says:

    I’d like a C3 grass shear.

  11. kyle says:

    that is a cool idea, the other day at my grandpa’s we were out in trhe yard and i held up an 18V battery from his weed eater to the bottom of his 3.6v grass shears and said ” I have an idea”, also maybe a C3 weedeater

  12. kyle says:

    also i want to see a C3 angle grinder, the “fuel gauge”,and the paint sprayers,

  13. kyle says:

    I would also like a C3 angle grinder because cutting fence with the C3 reciprocating saw isnt very easy

  14. Slim says:

    Seems like a fine tool.

  15. Jim says:

    Today, Aug. 13, I received one of the first (if not the first) Craftsman C3 19.2V Cordless Chain Saws. Ordering this item through Sears or Craftsman was an adventure in itself. Although shown on Page 7 of the Craftsman Club flyer, August 2 – 29, neither Sears nor their smaller outlets were aware of it. You have to call the Craftsman Club. I was told that there were only 10 available for shipping (2 weeks ago). I was also informed that the “main” and “outlet” could not order. You have to call the Craftsman Club. Initial opinion, better design than the Ryobi…has comfortable grip, leaks chain lubricant like Ryobi, for sh*ts and grins, cut down 6″ dia. dead tree and cut into firewood.
    It ain’t no gas chainsaw, but interesting.

  16. Jim says:

    Did not know if my response would post.
    More info…..come with battery and charger. Does not come with chain lube. I used the politically correct biodegradable “G Lube”.
    Whoa….that shit stinks when it seeps out of the C3 Chainsaw.
    I never detected in my Stihl saw. Instruction Manual says to drain chain lube after each use. During use, push primer every 20-30 seconds. (Why not just spray with lube,…WD-40, etc. every once in awhile?). That operation not too keen.
    I expected a quick “whir” like my C3 Recip Saw or Drills. The chainsaw sounds like a drill on dying batteries. I would guess too much “mass” to move around. Another surprise…on initial cut, it does bounce around. Like a very dull blade on gas saw. It is very light…maybe too light for “one arm operation”. It will jump around.
    I’ll find some uses for it and report. The C3 recip appears to be more capable with the Wood/Pruning Blades.
    Mount on workshop wall…….first known Craftsman C3 19.2V Cordless Chain Saw available????

  17. Jim says:

    OK……fortified and determined with a couple of beers (I know, I know, chain saws and Coors don’t mix), I adjusted chain (seemed too slack) and attacked the maybe 8″ stump at ground level from above 6″ tree. Very surprised. Cut right through cleanly and quickly. Maybe the chain was too loose.
    My intent with this chain saw was for clearing the “base” of vines, weeds, small trees at ground level;.. too big for gas trimmer brush blades and too little to expose the gas chain saw blades to dirt, etc. May work.
    Chain saw blade replacement…….another adventure with Sears/Craftsman…….

  18. Jim says:

    Based on 4 days. Pretty worthless. The 19.2V Recip with Pruning/Wood Blades will outdo this chainsaw any day.
    Moral….sometimes you get what you wish for, and more.
    Don’t waste your money. Use the recip saw or gas chain saw.
    Now, figure out how to return it since stores and outlets can’t even get it.

  19. Jim says:

    Final Chapter of Craftsman C3 19.2V Cordless Chain Saw……
    It is being returned. Arrangements made. While on phone with Craftsman Club, understand several more have been ordered.
    Don’t waste your money nor time to return.
    To clear some things up…..it does not have an inertia stop bar. Just black plastic handguard. That is more than adequate as you will not be cutting anything. It does not come with chain oil….it seeps out quick (from Full Reservoir to all over your workbench in less than 5 minutes). It comes with one battery and charger.
    I have several C3 tools (drill, recip saw, scroll saw, circular saw, radio…all perform fine….will stick with C3 system). This thing is JUNK. The Recip, with proper blades, makes this chain saw look like Toy’R’Us product.

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