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This new 7-1/4″ saw from Makita looks very similar to their other circular saw offerings, and to most other brands on the market, too.  But it hides its special feature on the inside — a hypoid gear drive.

A hypoid gear drive is similar in design to the worm gear drive found on most other circular saws, but they differ in a couple of ways.  The hypoid drive runs on a heat-treated finer-toothed gear, increasing the surface contact ratio and allowing for better power transfer and a cooler drive system. The hypoid gear is also sealed and factory lubricated, where a worm gear drive requires periodic oiling for maintenance.  Makita claims that because of these two factors their saw cuts thicker and lasts longer than the competition.

Aside from the hypoid gear drive, this saw sports all the usual specs you’d expect from a Makita product: 15A motor, 2-3/8″ cutting capacity at 90 degrees, push-button spindle lock, heavy-duty aluminum base plate, externally serviceable brushes, and a 24T thin-kerf carbide-tipped blade.

Street pricing is around $120.

7-1/4″ Hypoid Saw [Makita]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


10 Responses to Makita 7-1/4″ Hypoid Saw

  1. jeffrey immer says:

    so i bought this saw about 2 months ago from amazon (well slight upgrade) then found out Amazon will not send tools to an Army Post Office, so after sending it to my wife and her sending it to me i got it. and i love it. i bought the magnesuim one, it has a nice solid, molded table. and it’s decked out with some chrome trim reminds me of a 1950’s Cadillac. power is great and on the off chance it gets bogged down (i was ripping a 4×4 in half 16′ long, don’t ask) instead of a elbow jerking kick back it sort of revs out like if you have the clutch set to low on a cordless drill. in comparision to the craftsmen hypoid we have (also magnesuim) this is slightly heavier less than a pound but has a much more durable table the craftsmen bent and the depth lock handle broke, the safety cover handle broke, and these tools are in no way abused if they fall it’s no more than 2′
    the only complaint i really have is the rip fence, the half assed attempt that was available from makita was subpar at best and they should have paid me to take it off their hands, but the thing that really got me and gets when saw manufacters do this is they did not provide a set screw for the hole they provide, besides that i really love this saw.

  2. JRuiz says:

    I have been looking for a new circular saw. I was leaning towards a Milwaukee 6394-21 but this new Makita sounds like a very good option. I like the no maintenance part.

  3. CJD says:

    I don’t know too much about these hypoid saw’s, but for the price and reliability/ durability all you need is a Skil HD77. I’m 34 and i’m still using my father’s old saw.

  4. Steve W. says:

    We sold Makita hypoid gear saws at Builders Square back in 1986 or ’87. Not too many people wanted one.

  5. Bill says:

    These are great as a second saw on the job as they’re “left handed”.

  6. kyle says:

    sounds like a great saw- i want one!

  7. Bob The Drywall Guy says:

    I’ve had this saw for over a year now. it’s a great little toy that’s a fair bit lighter then comparable models. I checked out. The built in skyhook on the right side is nice for hanging it off stuff.

    It bogged down on me a few times at first, but I wasn’t very kind to the inital blade. Picked up a couple freud blades and haven’t had much trouble since.

    It’s a good solid workhorse saw, and well worth what I spent on it. ($189 Cdn last year)

  8. fred says:

    We’ve been using Skil 77’s – some magnesium versions – some with Bigfoot conversions. I think all ours were the made in US versions – now I believe they are being made in China. All this said – a hypoid saw like this Makita, is presumably not a strong as as a worm-gear (e.g. Skill 77’s) – but that may be a very fine point unless you are gang cutting or trying to use a 10-1/2 inch blade (e.g. Bigfoot).

    Another consideration is that I think I’ve seen som pretty sweet deals on the Skil at either Lowes or HD.

  9. fred says:

    I was in a local Lowes today. They’re selling the Skill 77 for $149 and the Mag77 for $169

  10. john T says:

    Hypoid gears are stronger and more durable than worm drive gears. That is why many companies have switched. I find the Makita Hypoids much lighter and stronger cutting than the Skil HD77’s of late.

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