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For decades now, Brownells gunsmithing supply has been saving tips from gunsmiths and publishing them in fat volumes titled Gunsmith Kinks.  The tips run from general shop practice, toolmaking, metal finishing, wood finishing, and specific firearms techniques to a host of incredibly bad jokes — so bad you’ll be reading them aloud to friends and family.

The series is up to Volume 4.  Brownells online pricing is $30 a volume, or $110 for the four volumes together, but if you check the latest catalog you’ll find a coupon for phone or mail order that gets you all four volumes for only $77.  Even if you don’t care about the coupon, it’s not a bad idea to get the catalog — it includes tons of tools that are unavailable from other sources.

In any case, the books will certainly contain a few tips that’ll be of great use to you. Lately Brownells has been publishing monthly tips on their site as well, which also features a slew of other technical articles.

Gunsmith Kinks [Brownells]


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  1. BadBob says:

    I have all four of these. They are a great read.

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