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Skil just recently introduced the Isio 2-in-1 gardening tool — it’s a new lithium-ion grass and shrub trimmer with a tool-less blade-changing system that allows you to convert it from lawn shears to shrub trimmer and back again easily.

At one pound, the Isio supposedly weighs 50% less than comparable products, and it features soft grip material on the top and bottom of the handle to make extended use more comfortable.  The Isio uses laser-cut, diamond-ground blades from Switzerland to make clean and healthy cuts.

The 3.6V lithium-ion battery holds its charge for 18 months, so it won’t be dead next spring when you dust it off.  Using the wall-mountable Energy Star-qualified battery charger, Skil claims its 5-hour charge time is three times faster than other garden products on the market, and the charge lasts 33% longer.

The Isio comes with the shrub trimmer blade, the grass shear blade, and the charger for $80 at either Lowe’s or Amazon.

Isio [Skil]
Isio [Lowe’s]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


2 Responses to Skil Isio 2-in-1 Gardening Tool

  1. Kevin Pace says:

    I wonder if it’s really all that much different than the 7.2V model by Black & Decker that’s 35$ cheaper. The B&D weighs 4 pounds so I guess there’s your advantage for the Skil at 1 pound.

  2. mike says:

    I dont know im not into trimming little bonsai.

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