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We wanted to find some info on the tools that our friends at Paslode are lining up for the giveaway, so we headed over to what turned out to be Paslode’s new site.  We were surprised to find it completely revamped, and it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for.

Our favorite bit is the little area near the bottom right on the front page where you can search by zip code for parts and service dealers for Paslode tools;  it pops up a map and gives you the next few closest hits.  Sure, it’s not that big a deal — until something breaks and you have no idea where to start looking for it to be repaired or replaced.  That’s what I like to refer to as preemptive customer service.  I may never need it for the one pneumatic gun in my arsenal, but it makes me happy that it’s there.

Check out the site if you get the chance, if for no other reason than to drool over a few guns. That’s what we do.

Of course, there’s also this giveaway thing they’re doing in conjunction with some tool blog on the front page — you might want to check that out, too.

Paslode [Website]
Paslode Nailer Giveaway [Toolmonger]


12 Responses to Paslode Launches Their New Site

  1. kdp says:

    Hey, there’s a location just 15 minutes from my barn! (The same barn that just happens to need a lot of work)

  2. Zathrus says:

    No wonder everyone’s coming out of the woodwork (pun fully intended) for the Paslode giveaway!

    Another tool blog mentioned the redesign and a giveaway of a nailer, but they must’ve misinterpreted the giveaway… or just not wanted to mention the best tool blog!

  3. Will says:

    the giveaway is nice but you just cannot beat the Paslode products

  4. Jeff Wyman says:

    I am about to put up a dog ear fence. What would be a good nailer for this? Would I need a different nailer for the stringers vs the pickets?

  5. Ben says:


    The framing gun will work for your project, just change nail sizes for the pickets.

  6. eosha says:

    Yay, new tool pr0n!

    I’m still a bit dubious about how well this technology works, and of course you’re tying yourself into a proprietary system, but for those of us who loathe dragging hoses or cords behind us, this could be a godsend!

  7. Jeff says:

    Thanks Ben. Would you suggest corded or cordless?

  8. kevin says:

    I could use a framing gun that shoots clipped head nails. My Hitachi framer is nice, but it only shoots full head plastic strip nails.

  9. Zathrus says:

    Why would you want clipped heads? Many areas are no longer allowing them for anything that has to meet code (and I can’t really think of much else you’d do w/ a framing nailer). Yes, full head strips don’t hold as many nails, but at least the nails hold.

    Note that the CF-325 is a full head nailer.

  10. Jeff W says:

    “clipped heads”? Does this mean that the nail does not have a round head?

  11. Zathrus says:

    @Jeff W:

    Correct. It’s generally either a V shape, a semi-circle, or a half circle. The reasoning I’ve heard is that it allowed more nails per strip, since you could pack them closer.

  12. Jeff W says:

    Ok, thanks. I think this is what I have on my current fence. The one that is falling apart. I will keep this in mind if I get a nailer.

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