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We’ve heard a lot about portable grills that fold like briefcases or look like Crock Pots, beer kegs, woks, or UFOs.  Is the Tool Box Grill just another novelty, or is it a decent cooker?

The construction is mostly sheet metal with a porcelain grate and shield (the heated components). The manufacturer’s site says the 10,000 BTU stainless steel burner tube provides “even cooking heat,” though user reviews cast some doubt on this. The grill’s dimensions are 19.5″ x 8.75″ x 10.5″, or 173 sq. inches of cooking surface, which is a fine size for a portable grill.  Its design lets you store tools and propane inside the box and, at 19 lbs., you can carry the whole thing in one hand.

But while a portable grill should be lightweight, the flimsy construction might require some extra care. Also, we found conflicting information about the propane tank;  the manufacturer says the grill uses a standard 1lb. “camping” style canister, while a reviewer at About.com notes that it actually takes the 14 oz. disposable bottle found in most stores’ tool section.

At around $65, this grill could be a good grab for camping, picnics, and cookouts while traveling — if the griller treats it gently and doesn’t mind low heat.  Let us know what you think in comments.

The Tool Box Grill [Hans Plads]
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6 Responses to Hot or Not? Toolbox-Style Portable Gas Grill

  1. bemis says:


    I have one… it stinks. You can only fit about 2 burgers on it, it’s a pain to clean, and you can’t shut the lid while it’s running.

    Basically it’s a worthless toy.

    You’re much better off with a classic hibachi–they’re cheaper too I bet.

  2. Penumbra says:

    The fitting on the 14 oz tanks is the same as on the 1lb tanks. You can use either for small grills or torches.

  3. Toolhearty says:

    … and you can’t shut the lid while it’s running.

    If that’s the case, why’d they put vents in the lid?

  4. olderthanyou says:

    Bemis is right. Form follows function. If there is a grill out on the market that can hold my tools while grilling a burger without getting them all greasy I will buy twenty of them. What? there aren’t any ? Why am I not suprised?

  5. bdstevens says:

    While not cheap, I find the infrared portables to be very usable. I’ve used a Solaire portable to grill for a family of 4 for the last 4 years, and it’s worked very well. http://www.rasmussen.biz/grills/portG.html

    I’ve done 6 burgers or 4 steaks at once.

    It is portable, and will run on either disposable propane tanks or “full size” tanks with an optional hose/adapter.

  6. Damion says:

    NOT! I tried three times to one of these overpriced turds sent to my house without being damaged without success. After the third try and carefully looking it over the “not needed” decision was made. A $25 portable from WallyMart fit the bill just fine with no problems. I wanted it mainly for the stealth look on my company truck anyway.

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