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Legacy Manufacturing, not to be confused with Legacy Woodworking, claims their MEGABOOST grease gun is the most powerful pistol-style grease gun out there.  If you set the gun for boost, it’s able to deliver 10,000 PSI — or, if you set if for volume, it’ll pump out more grease per stroke than other similar grease guns.

Their claims may be something to shout about, but pushing grease into a fitting at 10,000 PSI probably isn’t a good idea unless you really know what you’re doing.  If you need that kind of pressure to get grease into a joint, it could be clogged, and forcing grease into it might make things worse.

The gun’s dual-piston design allows the choice between high volume or pressure.  Other benefits and features include extreme cold-weather performance, ergonomic MegaGrip handle, a bleeder valve for purging air, and a flex extension.  Legacy makes the housing from cast aluminum, and the gun is fully repairable with a modular repair kit.

Expect to pay somewhere between $75 and $100 for the MEGABOOST.

MEGABOOST Grease Gun [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to High-Pressure Or High-Volume Grease Gun

  1. Bob says:

    These can be great fun! At the plant where I used to work, we found you could pretty acurately hit the back of someone’s head from further away than he could run to catch you. 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    @Bob – where I work, that would be approximately 6 feet. (Sorry, I had to say it.)

  3. Robert C says:

    Please oh please oh please don’t use this thing on roller bearings.

    I see more failures from over greasing rollers than I do from undergreasing.

  4. Khalid alsaadi says:

    I need this iteam ( grease gun – l1185l ) but i live in state of qatar and ido now where con I finedit?
    Alsow think I liket that iteam whith out lock but I do now boart na
    Ihop f u hlap me be couse I love this comany
    Think u vere mach

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