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Father’s Day is June 21st — are you prepared to make the old man smile?  We’re not there yet either, so we figured a reminder is in order. Comedians like Bill Cosby and Chris Rock make light of the fact that Dads usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to props, but we’ve found that tool guys don’t fit the stereotype.  Dad taught us all kinds of cool stuff, and we often hear great stories that start out, “Me and the ole man…”   So Father’s Day winds up being pretty easy for tool guys –- get him tools.

If you’ve spent more time working in the shop than shopping, and you need some Father’s Day gift ideas, here are a few hints to steer you the right way.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: A Quality Knife
Remember that guy whose tools you left out in the rain when you were five?  Yep, that’s Dad, and his special day is coming up quickly.  And just like last year, we’d like to recommend a good quality pocket knife as a perfect Father’s Day gift.

Home Depot’s Dad’s Day Deals
Stuck on what to get him?  Head down to the local big box and see what you can find — often something will present itself.

It may seem hard to find something great for the guy who taught you how to hold a hammer or turn a wrench, but relax and remember he’s like you — he digs tools, and that’s a great start.

Thanks to Kurt and Sophia for the sweet photo.


One Response to Father’s Day Is Coming — Be Ready

  1. A great green gift for Fathers Day – LED lighting has been called the future of lighting and is now becoming available to mechanics as a “green” option to incandescent bulbs. The high efficiency of the LED which produces 6 or 7 times the amount of light with the same current as compared to incandescent lights makes it a natural “green” solution to reducing energy consumption.

    Cleveland lighting tool distributor, LED WorkLight has announced the availability of the next generation of portable LED lighting, the Maxxeon WorkStar 220. The WorkStar 220 is a compact, 6 inch long penlight-style flashlight designed for technicians, tradesmen and auto and aircraft mechanics. It features a rugged black anodized T6 aluminum body and a high duty cycle tailcap on-off switch. The lightweight flashlight weighs less than two ounces, and clips easily and comfortably into a shirt or shop coat pocket.

    The manufacturer claims that the big difference between this new lighting tool and similar looking penlights and that is due to the special HPLighting Rambo™ high performance LED. The factory specifies a light output of over 70 lumens for this light, making it as powerful as a typical full size professional flashlight.

    The penlight was designed for daily use by mechanics and sells for $29.99

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