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Wholesale Tool is selling this import 7-1/2″ Adjustable Bevel for $6.  Made of brass, wood, and steel, it’ll help you set and copy angles when laying out woodworking projects.  Don’t expect it to be as well-finished as a vintage tool, given the price and import status.

7-1/2″ Adjustable Bevel [Wholesale Tool]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


One Response to Dealmonger: 7-1/2″ Adjustable Sliding T-Bevel $6

  1. fred says:

    A very useful (and inexpensive) tool that has stood the test of time. The only problem is that the wing nut sometimes gets in the way (there are other versions where the lockdown is in the end of the handle – e.g. the Starrett #47) – and that the lockdown is sometimes less than secure – allowing the blade to move.

    Starrett makes an alternative that they call a Prosite Protractor — we like these a lot for jobsite use.

    For in-shop use we’ve adopted a tool from Nobex called a multiix that does a lot more:


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