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Paslode was kind enough to offer up a set of cordless tools for giveaway to one of our loyal readers. Here’s how it works: sometime in July we’ll select a comment from all the valid comments posted here on this Toolmonger entry post since today. The author of that comment receives the tools!  So, when you post a comment on this post or any of the following Paslode giveaway posts, you’re not only sharing your experience with other Toolmongers around the world, you’re also adding a chance to win. Win what, you ask? You’d receive:

  • A CF-325 cordless framing nailer
  • One Fuel+Nail combo pack
  • Your choice of a straight or angled cordless 16g finish nailer
  • A cordless 18g brad nailer
  • And a cordless 16g standard crown stapler

If you’ve been putting off a cordless nailer/stapler purchase, winning an entire set of Paslode cordless tools would be a great way to get a few summer projects completed without spending that hard-earned cash you’ve been saving. To enter, just tell us in the comments what you’d do with the set if you won, or what you like about cordless nailers over corded pneumatics. Good luck.

Toolmonger Paslode Cordless Giveaway Rules [Toolmonger]


223 Responses to Win A Set Of Paslode Cordless Nailers

  1. Pete says:

    What do you consider a “valid comment?”


  2. Sean O'Hara says:

    Anything that’s not a spam comment. 😀

  3. Zeros says:

    My father in law and I used one of their framing nailers to build a set of steps out of the back door of my house. Honestly, I hadn’t even seen a Passlode nailer before until he brought it over. Like any good toolmonger, I have wanted one ever since. I am going to be framing and finishing my basement in a month or so and would definitely put both the framing and finishing nailers to very good use. It’s so nice not having to drag out the compressor and wait for it to fill up. This is a nice giveaway.

  4. Andy says:

    We have a small ranch outside of Brady TX and anybody who has a money pit like this knows how much work has to be done on the barns and other structures.

    It is a major pain to have to drag the generator and compressor around to run the nail guns!

  5. steve in SE PA says:

    I used the finish-nailer, on a high ladder it was more comfortable to use over my Bostich Finish nailer.
    Have not purchased any new nailers lately!

  6. Ted says:

    Wow, that would be awesome. I just bought my first house and this last week finished installing the laminate flooring (breaking in my new miter saw in the process), and need to start working on the baseboards. After the living room I’m eyeing the rest of the house for replacement and this set would definitely help that along.

  7. Zathrus says:

    What do I need it for? Lessee… need a fence, the gutters are trashed, replace all the carpet w/ hardwoods, some deck repair, add a storage area under the deck, and build my two girls a play house. And I currently own no nailguns or compressor.

    Terrorizing squirrels and chipmunks would merely be an added bonus.

  8. Charles says:

    Wow, I would love to have this set! I’ve been looking into a finish nailer, and was looking at a cheaper set.

  9. Scott says:

    Well, if I won a cordless nailer I will have officially run out of excuses for not putting that trim back up around the circuit breaker box in my house 🙂

  10. Kyle says:

    I have used both the framing and finish nailers from Paslode. They are absolutely the best. Everytime I drag my compressor around to various projects I wish I had some of the Paslode gear to easily carry around. Especially in those tight spaces where an air-drive nailer + the air hose prevent the angle I wish to nail at.

  11. yelkeew says:

    If I won, I’d use the nailers to build a deck on my house this summer. I’m going to build one regardless, but these tools would sure make the work a lot easier.

  12. Kyle says:

    I have used both the framing and finish nailers from Paslode (but don’t own either). They are absolutely the best. Everytime I drag my compressor around to various projects I wish I had some of the Paslode gear to easily carry around. Especially in those tight spaces where an air-drive nailer + the air hose prevent the angle I wish to nail at.

  13. Kyle says:

    One thing I was considering as a “junior” version of getting a paslode nailer was to get one of those belt-mounted air canisters. Has anyone used those successfully? It seems like they wouldn’t have the sustained power to work for extended periods of time, but it’s still way better than lugging around my big compressor.

  14. Damage Jack says:

    In the process of clearing out some workshop space, these certainly would come in handy for a few projects I have in mind, plus the added benefit of not having the noise of a compressor near by to operate them.

  15. Pete says:

    This is just another valid comment.

  16. Tim C says:

    If I won these I’d have no excuse for not installing the quarter-round on the first floor that has been screaming to be put in ever since we tore up the mud-colored wall-to-wall carpeting. In case anyone is curious, screaming quarter-round sounds a lot like my wife.

  17. John D says:

    Will be building an add-on to existing garage. Need more room for my workshop. These might come in handy.

  18. Aaron says:

    Where would I -not- use something like this, is a better question. My project list for this summer is still growing by the day (hour?) and looks something like this:

    Enclosing a carport into a garage/workshop.
    New front porch.
    Steps/landing off the back deck (two story deck, no small project)
    4 raised garden beds (10’x4’x3′)
    2 arbors for the garden area
    New wood fences

    A set of these tools.. man, I’d come darn near to dancing.

  19. joelfinkle says:

    I’m sold on the Paslode gas-powered nailers. During my addition of a few years ago, we seized the tools of the contractor who failed to finish the job, and the finish nailer greatly eased installation of baseboards, panels, etc: No hammer marks, no shifting.

    So when we had to replace the island hood soffit (incorrectly placed by said contractor), holding structural pieces up to a 12′ ceiling didn’t seem feasible: We rented a Paslode framer, and it made the job possible without having to rent a whole set of scaffolds: A quick hoist of the soffit frame followed by a few quick nails and we were done. It was followed up by more screws and some other supports, but without that first set of fasteners, it would have been impossible.

    I’ve been looking for a framing nailer ever since.

    See photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joelfinkle/sets/1756021/

  20. David Decker says:

    If I win I’d build my daughter a swing set and slide.

  21. Jon Zetterberg says:

    Those are awesome. I had some work done this winter and the guy used one of these. No muss, no fuss. He said that it had become one of his favorite tools and a big time saver.

  22. Adam says:

    I use both the framing nailer, and angled finish nailer on a daily basis. Both have been used and abused for many years. I clean them every couple months, and they both work like a champ. They are a necessity when you are on the go, and working by yourself. I have built additions, houses, decks, and all sorts of proects with them. Now if they would just make one that would chill your beer while you work…..hint, hint.

  23. Robert in SF says:

    I bought a unit in a six unit building, and unfortunately the quick/dirty but pretty to look up remodel the previous owner did is now showing its failings…I will have to do some serious updating to good quality materials and construction to bring the cosmetic appeal and endurance of the work together.

    I have been procrastinating on starting the work because I didn’t want to purchase the tools and renting isn’t as much of an option for me.

    Please help me make the best of this situation!

  24. Gary Ratajczak says:

    Just to make things easier, I ran permanent airline from my basement compressor location to the attic. That made it easy to access air while doing remodeling. Well, outside work on window frames is coming up. It would be a dream to not need air hoses strung off my ladder.

    I hope to start a workshop addition on my garage in a year or so, and BOY would these make the job easier!!!

  25. russ says:

    I would show my wife how to use one. Once trained she would use it and since she wouldn’t not have to lug the compressor around she could do things for her parents and then agree with me about extending our fence and help me with it. We also need it to help fix our deck. It is a lot easier with a helping hand and the Paslode would make work easier and give me a helping hand that I need. This weekend I showed her how to use the pressure washer and she did our driveway. I was able to make and paint a small table while she did that, and it was her idea! Can’t pass up free help. Even her sister stopped by to help.

    I grilled her steaks for dinner that night with a homeade salad.

  26. Frank Townend says:

    As with any tool, one of the most important parts is the safety instructions in the manual.

  27. Zeros says:

    I guess alot more people want this giveaway over the tape measure. 26 entries already, wow.

  28. Chuck Holcomb says:

    After Hurricane Katrina took down most of my wood fence, I convinced my wife I had to have the framing nailer to put the fence back up. The first day I had it she was out there with me nailing boards up. She could not believe how easy it was to use. This is the best tool I have ever purchased. I have an 80 year old house and we have done extensive remodeling in the past 3 years, so this thing has really come in handy. Everytime i have to use the compressor for the finish nailer i realize how nice it is when i don’t have to use the compressor.

  29. tony says:

    My senior design professor at my college would always talk about the mechanism these tools use to inspire us to think differently. It got kind of repetitive after a while, though.

  30. Jim German says:

    I’d love to have one of these nailers. It would be a great help in framing out the addition I’ve been planning for awhile. Would be much more convient to use a cordless nailer than having to deal with lugging a air compressor around or having to fight with 100′ of air hose.

  31. Mike says:

    If this counts as a valid comment, I’ll wait by my mailbox for the arrival of my nailers.

  32. fred says:

    We carry 2 Paslode guns on every truck. We like the angled finish nailer – and now have 2 of the newer framing nailers. The only problem with the new CF-325 is that you need to bring enough nails with you to the jobsite – as the HD’s around here don’t stock the new nail/fuel combo boxes – but otherwise this nailer has a few improvements over the older model (better nosepiece) and the fuel cans don’t leak.

  33. kdp says:

    I second Andy… sure would be handy on a barn rebuild (my barn, not his).


  34. Justin Eddings says:

    I’m sure this will be a common comment along here, but here I go…

    I’d completely rebuild my fence, not just repair as necessary. I’d build myself a proper workshop/shed to hide my tools in. Then I’d build a platform bed.

    On another note, of the Toolmongers around, have you guys used any of these cordless nailers? I’ve used air nailers, not sure how having to change fuel canisters would slow me down/speed up the process.


  35. Blind says:

    dammit, I thought i had posted earlier saying how i was buying a house and these would be useful.. I guess it never went through (or it was deleted :()

  36. JPD says:

    Don’t do too much woodworking but if I win guess I can start!

  37. Lee says:

    I’ve wanted one of these since the first time I played with one almost 15 years ago. This would be so cool.

  38. KoKo says:

    These tools would change my (compressorless) life! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  39. Justin C says:

    I will be putting in 14 new windows in my house and I need this bad boy!

  40. jimmy says:

    I don’t need these all the time, but when I do, it would be nice to be able to do a project more quickly and without renting.

  41. windycity says:

    I helped reinforce the siding and trim on 40′ high barn in the country using cordless Paslode nailers and not having to use a compressor was a dream. It was a relief not having to worry about any pneumatic lines tangling up around our ladders or scaffolding. After that, having a Paslode became high on my list for my own tool collection.

    Living in Chicago with cramped quarters, there’s not much space to store a compressor for easy access, so portability and convenience are at a premium. Being able to be on the go and help my relatives or elderly neighbors with home repairs, Paslode cordless nailers would be a great way to make a job much more fun to do and make me look even more professional to boot!

    I have several summer projects on the horizon: refurb a kitchen for my grandmother, complete trim-work in an attic, and plywood the walls of a garage. Given that, I’d like to invite Paslode to be my assistant carpenter. 🙂

  42. Charlie says:

    My wife would kill me.

  43. Seth says:

    If I won these Paslode nailers – I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t do:

    1) Fill a 35 gallon compressor to shoot 3 nails.

    2) Lug the same 35gallon compressor up a flight of stairs, plug it in and pop the breaker in the basement.

    3) Do the Russian kick dance with one foot tangled in a rat’s nest of air hose.

    4) Try to climb up a 25 foot ladder with 24 feet of air hose.

    5) Helplessly watch as the weight of the air hose slides my nailer off the roof and then listen to it smash into the top of my compressor before it hits the ground.

    and finally:

    6) Ever use any other brand of nailer ever again. Paslode RULES!

  44. Bill says:

    I had a chance to use the Paslode framing nailer on an addition and remodeling job. A Pasload sails man came by the job and let us use an assortment of Pasload nailers, both the cordless and pneumatic nailers. In all we were able to use the nail guns for a total of a month. Because of the usage that we had with the nailers my crew and I were talking about what we liked and didn’t like about each gun. We all basically decided that they have a really good line this year. Using the cordless was so much easier than dragging out the compressor, and not having to deal with a hose I think is the best part.

  45. Barri says:

    I already have the finish nailer and the rest def wouldnt go a miss. Roll on July.

  46. Nate says:

    Would probably build some furniture with my grandfather.

  47. Walt says:

    What a fantastic giveaway!

    I’ve been doing construction and renovation work on a crew for several years. Last month I put all my belongings into storage (except my dog and my tools) and left West Virginia 300 miles behind to help my family with all of their home repair projects that desperately need to get done. They can’t afford to hire a crew so I’m a one man team for them. I’ve been doing things like hanging drywall, laying tile, insulation and dozens of small to medium-size repairs. The only job tools I don’t own are nailers so we’ve been putting off the biggest projects until I can find a good set for the right price. The Paslode set looks beautiful but that would be out of my range right now.

    There are a lot of projects for my family that I could use the nailers for but the biggest and most important would be for my sister’s four kids. She has a 5 year old girl and triplet boys (one is autistic) about to turn 3. Now that they’re starting to get bigger they need a real play room and the rickety old swingset out back needs to be replaced. Just knowing I had nailers would let me put those tasks on the schedule sooner rather than later.

  48. aaron says:

    those look impressive. much better than my old stanley.

  49. aaron says:

    thanks for the advice, Seth.

  50. chris says:

    hey… I’m in the middle of remodel… and I need a nailer to finish!

  51. Matt says:

    I work at a summer camp on Lake Geneva, WI during the summers (I’m a physics teacher by trade) and one of the larger tour boats on the lake broke the camp’s pier when it was pulling up to it. My buddy (who works at Home Depot) pulled out the Paslode framing nailer and tacked a new 6 by 6 in place slicker than socks on a waxed floor. Needless to say, I was in complete awe of it! I went home and googled them to see how they worked because it sounded like this fan or something came on after he fired a nail into it. He told me it was gas operated, and from a science standpoint, I had to know how it worked. Found out the fan was exhausting the spent gas that explodes to drive the nail. Very cool. Very handy.

  52. Gene says:

    I’ve never used a Paslode nailer, but I’d sure love the opportunity to use one. I promised my boys that we’d be building a pair of treehouses this summer in two trees in our backyard. Sounds like this would be a GREAT way to be able to nail the decking on the frame without having to pull out the extension cord!

  53. bob says:

    Used one for 2 weeks in a 3 foot attic (termite devoured, CA flat-roof). It was reliable, simple, and indispensable.

  54. Patrick says:

    Building surprise furniture for the wife, in the garage, w/out waking the newborn.

  55. Neal Rogers says:

    Wow these would come in really handy for my brother and I. We are in the process of remodeling a house that we bought together and have been doing everything the old fashion way, with the ole’ hammer and nails. Putting baseboards and quarterround with out a nail gun is not fun, but we finished it up. These bad boys would really help up out when we frame up a back patio and hang new fascia boards. Oh and the crown molding too. Wow we really need some nail guns!

  56. Adam says:

    These would go a long way in helping me rebuild my shed quickly this summer

  57. Adam says:

    I have an impulse framer and love it. I have a Dewalt cordless trim gun and get frustrated continually with it. I would love to replace it with a much better tool.

  58. Jay Pyatt says:

    I had been under the impression that screws do a better job for most projects. However, hanging trim around doorways and crowns requires nails, little bitty nails that can be swallowed at unfortunate moments. Having said nails in nice little strips would be quite the improvement.

  59. Josh says:

    We used my uncle’s Paslode nailer when building an extention on our deck. Thanks to it we save a few hours labors and where able to get the job done quickly. I would love to have a set for all our future projects, fences, remodeling etc …. Great quality product .

  60. William Rone says:

    Portability and utility are the key words here. These Paslode nailers seem to hit both of those nails directly on the head. There has to be a downside somewhere. It must be the operating cost, but then sometimes that is inconsequential.

  61. Mephist0 says:

    I’d finally be able to finish my basement. This whole economy has put it to a stop, but not having to buy the nail guns I was looking at would make it alot easier!

  62. Bryce Leo says:

    So i just found this website in a quite circuitous fashion. I was looking for a way to hang drywall one manned and it pointed me over here to the drywall hanger. Then as I’m going through the website I see this sweet give away. I Hope i win!

  63. Joel says:

    What an awesome give-away. I’ve never actually owned a nailer… I’ve always rented or borrowed one when I needed one. Maybee If I had one, I’d get off my duff and actually get some of my projects done. I’ve got plenty of projects coming up… extra bathroom in basement, finishing a barn addition, finally putting up the “dust control” wall in my shop so I’m actually able to run my power saws without taking them outside…. putting a ceiling in said shop so I can heat it in the winter…. and I’ll probably be adding to the house within the next few years…. my wife and I were alone in our 2 bedroom home, but we just (and I mean JUST) had our first child yesterday 6-8-2009.

    Thanks for giving us all this opportunity to win… I know I’d absolutely love these.

  64. Joel Daniels says:

    Sweet contest. I’ve built my own storage shed and chicken coop. I also rebuilt my chimney enclosure and part of my roof to deal with a leak. I did all this by hand, and I’m really getting tired!

  65. jeffrey immer says:

    so i’d like to start by saying i have been an avid reader and occasional commenter on your website since i first read about it in a popular science magazine.(the article about the Feisttool miter saw) so prior to coming here to iraq i was building a great shop at my house and has been on hold since i deployed, but i also promised my wife a bed frame (craftsmen style) as well as bedroom furniture, and a deck (which has to be completed while i’m on leave in august), in addition i promised my two little boys a brand new playground when i am on leave. my sister needs help with her new house, and my parents have a wish list on their house so they can move. if i won this i’d love to use it here for the remainander of my tour in iraq, i have been here 5 months and have 7 months to go, i have already been told that i will be in charge of the building detail while i am here, so far we have built living quarters for about 300 soldiers and i need to complete for 1000 more. i have built a deck and i have slated in addition to the living quarters a dining facility. the final reason is due to all the hammering with a massive framing hammer (sorry no nail guns, and nails are easier to get than screws) i have come down with a horrible case of tennis elbow in my right arm. i actually have a note from the doctor that says, “no hammer, no sawing, no drilling with right arm until further notice” so while i have become quite adept to sawing and drilling with my left arm, my aim is horrible with the hammer in my left arm, and i’m not the type to stand by idle just supervising. so what would i do with this great set of pasalode tools, all the things on my wish list and more, (while keeping my arm from hurting!!) and finally have some really good quality tools for myself (my cordless tools, well almost all my tools are Ryobi, because they are inexpensive and i am poor because i work for the government)

  66. Andy says:

    That’s a generous offer! We’re hoping to buy our first house this summer, and given budgetary restraints, it will most likely need some work… These would be perfect!

  67. I seriously need to build some shelves to house my 800+ dvd collection. I’ve also got some restoration work to do on some windows in my 1940’s era house. These nailguns would be a tremendous help in both projects.

  68. Budster says:

    I’ve never used a paslode. I have a couple Porter Cable cordless, fuel operated nailers. The one thing I don’t like is they have a compression chamber that you have to push in to draw fuel compress it and then ignite it. Makes it cumbersome to use. I guessing/hoping the Paslode have a better mechanism that make them as easy to use as good ole pneumatic nailers.

  69. Kevin says:

    great offer, I have to reframe the enclosed front porch at some point this year and these bad boys would come in handy. The area is cramped and doesnt have electrical so the thought of not having to run cords all over the place would be awesome

  70. This is definitely a nice set of tools that can be use for all sort of home remodeling and fix-ups. I will be sure to let my readers know of this promotion.

  71. Will says:

    I have used the pneumatic Paslode nailers before and was very pleased with them. They have been a little out of my price range but I have allways wanted them. What I have does not even compare. I have seen the cordless ones before and drooled over them in and out of my dreams eversince.

  72. DP says:

    Hmmm I’ve been putting off buying a compressor and nail guns for a couple of years now so the list of projects for these is nearly endless:
    New deck, repair fence, repair shed, baseboard in office, mudroom storage, garage shelving …..
    Damn – I need these!!!

  73. Darren Moore says:

    I am a framing contractor and the set would be perfect for fascia and soffit. All the nailers you need and no hoses to drag around the scaffold.

  74. tom c says:

    I am in the need for a framing nailer for a summer project. It would be nice to win one. Thank you

  75. Michel says:

    These nailers would really speed up my basement finishing project and help with other home and rental reno work!

  76. Mike says:

    I miss the percussive explosion of a Paslode…and the smell, mmmmm. It’s been too long since I built something!!!!

  77. Michel says:

    i wish they would have kept the giveaway a secret 😀

  78. tscheez says:

    It’d be great to not have to lug the “portable” compressor around the house!

  79. Kyle says:

    It’s important to note that a power nailer this portable would be a great way to build a treefort in space. I have no idea if this would even remotely be possible given the vacuum of space and the distinct lack of trees, but it’s still something I consider post-worthy so all other Toolmongers are aware of this unlikely use of the Paslode product line.

  80. Tim says:

    Toolmonger is the site I wish I had been coming to since day one. It took weeks to catch up on all the archives. Thanks!

  81. Milton Alvis says:

    Repairing and fixing up parent’s former home, circa 1951, over the last nearly 1.3 years, so that it can be rented. It’s looking better but there are still lots of things to do and the Paslode nailers, given their light weight for power and portability would be a great help for some of the work.

  82. Lee Keasal says:

    If I were to win this awesome contest, I would use to tolls in the construction of my new house. I am breaking ground in about 2 weeks, and as of yet I do not have any cordless nailers or staplers.

  83. Bijesh says:

    I have used the Paslode tools once before while helping to build a shed and they are really good especially since I did not have to drag around a hose. Thanks to toolmonger and paslode for the giveaway

  84. 02Boxer says:

    I bought the Palmgren Hipshot (mentioned here on Toolmonger previously) because I thought it would give me the portability of the Paslodes while letting me use the nailers I already have. Alas, the first HipShot I ordered was broken out of the box, and the second worked for about 30 seconds before dying. It was just a blown fuse (20 amps!), but it didn’t give me a good feeling for their longevity.

  85. Grant says:

    Sounds great… i’ve got tons of projects planned this summer around the house and these would be perfect

  86. rob says:

    well not only would the framing nailer land in my tool box for daily work use as a electrician I would likely be using it to install blocking and backing
    fairly often but I have a deck to finish and a whole bunch of moldings to
    and stuff to do to my place and next year I am building a duplex
    man this would be nice even though I’ll be hiring a framing crew
    there is always stuff left to fix

    these by the way are some of the nicest and best built nailer out there
    I have used 2 different framing nailer even their on hose nailer are beautiful

  87. Tom S says:

    I and about 10 other similarly situated dads make up the pit/construction crew for our local high school marching band. Starting very soon and running until late September, we will be building and then maintainig the props for our marching band’s show. Every single one of the tools will be well used, and greatly appreciated.

  88. Baba says:

    Fabulous! This would so come in handy with the remodel of The Stone House Project! Hubby doesn’t have a nailer yet and with all the rooms we have to remodel I know this would be the utmost of tools we need to complete our project. Very cool indeed!

  89. Meng Trondson says:

    Can you use these things underwater? Probably not.

  90. Brian Collins says:

    Here’s my valid comment:

    I’d love to redo my den/family room in solid pine tongue and groove paneling. Having a set of nailers would turn the project from tedium into a total ‘guy fest’ where I could get a bunch of friends to finish the job in a day and win the loving approval of my wife!


    Brian Collins

  91. Michael Buhrley says:

    Color is great, won’t have to spray paint them with day-glow paint so I don’t loose them!

  92. Ben says:

    I’ve been very happy with my Paslode nail guns. I use the cordless frame gun and air frame gun on a regular basis. The cordless gun is great for areas with limited access such as working in attics, but I’ve also used it to shoot thousands of nails in a row framing houses. The downside to having a cordless gun is there is no second chance to save it from sliding off the roof by grabbing the hose if you drop it, oops (it did survive the fall from the roof onto a concrete slab). My cordless gun was a huge help during the two weeks after Hurricane Gustav where I was working with out electricity.

  93. Albie says:

    Could we maybe move this contest up to, say, tomorrow, select my comment and overnight one of the finish nailers to me? I have to wrap up my inlaws’ basement remodel by the end of the weekend and this would be real handy. Well, even if you can’t get it to me by Saturday, I’d still like to get these.

  94. Luke says:

    To be freed from the compressor and hose would be great. I’ve always eyed the Paslode nailers with envy.

  95. Meng Trondson says:

    It is with the utmost sincerity that I say the following:

    I cut my face shaving this morning, and that is extremely rare for me to do. After I stopped the bleeding, and got dressed for work, I drove to work in my car.

    All the aforementioned details are facts.

    As you can see, I need an assortment of Paslode nailers to help get my life back on track.

  96. Kyle says:

    If I win this suite of Paslode tools, I’m going to create a batman-like utility belt for all the new tools. I may even incorporate a “quick draw” move so I look like a gunslinger.

  97. Malcolm says:

    I would use this to build a greenhouse away from the main house and power. Would be perfect!!

  98. Amelia says:

    I have many projects around the house which should have framing and finish nailers used instead of my manual method of (usually) wrecking more construction material than I successfully use.

  99. Dan says:

    I don’t have a problem taking tools to where they need to be, it’s taking them back that is no fun. Carrying back three things (hose, compressor, tool) once your done results in one trip too many. For the light around the house work that I usually do, these cordless tools are a good balance of power and convenience.

  100. Jim says:

    These tools would make a number of my projects from the honeydew list more enjoyable.

    – Bathroom remodel
    – Build a bathroom in the basement
    – finish the trim around our laminated floor
    – put a new surface and railing on our deck

  101. Mike says:

    The first thing that I would probably build with these tools is an outdoor playhouse for the kids. Would love to be able to build it in the play area without either dragging out the compressor or doing it manually.

  102. Patrick says:

    I would very much enjoy the winning of these Paslode tools.

  103. Debbie says:

    I could repair everything from a wall to a picture frame with these. I need them!

  104. Carly says:

    I am building an extra bedroom in my attic, and these tools are exactly what I need. No more lugging heavy equipment up and down the steep stairs!

  105. David says:

    I am a full time carpenter, and use Paslode nailers almost every day. They are awesome to have. It sure beats having an air hose to drag around with you to get in the way or trip over. I’ve been looking at getting a Paslode framing nailer for some time. I’m just saving my pennies to get one. But getting the whole set for free would be awesome. I would like to add a garage on the side of my house within the next few months, and having a Paslode nailer would be a huge help!

  106. Lanna says:

    Me and my husband are wanting to add an addition on to our house to make our kitchen and living room larger. We could use one of these nail guns when we start building.

  107. Dave says:

    Recently, my garage got smashed by a tree falling on it, due to really bad wind storm. I am going to finish tearing down what is left of it, and build back with a bigger garage. I am in need of a nail gun and could really use the Paslode framing nailer.

  108. david says:

    I think the blog should be called ‘plog’ or ‘paslog’ or ‘pasblog’

  109. Drew Adamson says:

    As of the 7th of February 2009 whilst out fighting the fires of “Black Saturday”, that ran through Dixons Creek in Victoria, Australia, my Paslode just melted along with all of my other tools and house.
    I used it regularly, got me out of trouble around work and home all of the time with the ease of carrying and the ease of not having to think of dragging around generators and cables. Nothing to trip over and nothing to have to plug in for other than a quick charge over night. Being a Hard Landscaper it was used for all of the framing of sheds, houses, deckings, doing form work for concreting, making wood bridges. The finishing gun for the lighter work was a breeze.
    The ease is unmatched by any other manufacturer. I like the use of the Paslode for work as they do away with unnecessary cords and make the work site safer.
    I would like to replace my Paslode as this year we not only have to work, but also build a new house for the family. The Paslode would be a worth while asset to have on side once again as we are off the grid and will be running off Solar power
    Life is much easier with a Paslode!

  110. michael ralph says:

    having used these guns at work i know how much time they save and valuble they are to any tradesman. With an extension of my own and for my mother in law to do this summer they will be very handy indeed! Plus they could come in handy keeping the mother in law quiet!! NO not what you think! I mean by getting her extension finished a lot quicker!

  111. pbedard says:

    Paslode finish nailer –

    I rented an 18 gauge Paslode cordless nailer to do all the trim work in my basement.
    I saved at least 6 hours versus traditional nailing and I completed the work in about half a day. The nailer is ideal since there is no need for a compressor or hose.

  112. richard says:

    I would love to have this set of tools to renovate my dad’s house.

  113. Leon Harpel says:

    Well, first of all I am a Marine who has spent a lot of time moving and remodeling homes I have lived in. We recently returned from Japan to our home in North Carolina that we rented out for 6 years. Needless to say our home needed a lot of help. I spent a year remodeling the present living area and am now preparing to remodel our two car garage. We have two kids and are making things work with 1200 sq ft of living space. Once I finish the garage to make it apart of our new home it will add 900 sq ft. We plan on making it into a master bedroom with bathroom, living room, and utility room. I can’t wait to get started on this project.

  114. Jayson Speer says:

    Nailers (particularly finishers) are perfect if the wood is either soft(ish) or quite large.
    But I tried using my finisher on some hardwood architraves only to have it split!

  115. Jeff says:

    Winning a contest like this would be nice but I wonder which tool lasts longer compressor driven or these cordless. I assume that they do not have any Lion battery powered devices on the horizon.

  116. Kevin Wallace says:

    These tools are by far he best I have ever used. No cord no compressor no more problems. I am going to buy a set as soon as I can afford it.

  117. Kyle says:

    I tend to loiter in the Paslode section of Home Depot/Menards whenever I’m there. My dad has the framing nailer, and using that tool is just the most convenient thing ever. I now associate the feint smell of exhaust gas with nailing efficiency. I would love to win these nailers!

  118. Kenneth says:

    How often does the paslode need to rebuilt? I have used a friends and love it. I have been looking at getting a used one if i don’t win these.

  119. karl smith says:

    I was injuredon my job, last year and am still recovering. needed to do some remodeling on my house, and since I can’t get around so good, I decided to purchase a Paslode angle finish nailer. It sur does make the job go alot quicker, and easier. I would definately recommend this tool to anyone wrking on their house.

  120. Kyle says:

    I have used the Paslode framing nailer while helping a friend finish his basement, and I fell in love. The ability to nail continuously while simply reloading nails and periodically switching out the battery for it’s recharged spare counterpart (as well as switching the gas cartridge once in a blue moon) is just the tops.

  121. Amelia says:

    I have several projects which are remote in my older house with many small rooms that would benefit from these Paslode nailers. I’d love to open up the house a bit, and these are a perfect fit!

  122. Pat says:

    I have a remote cabin without electricity, and would LOVE to have some power tools that don’t require me to charge up my compressor, and have to stop working when it runs out of air.

  123. kevin gardner says:

    I have a big repair job coming up and I in the market to purchase a framing gun. I have am reviewing both pneumatic and cordless guns. Due to the location of the barn, the Pasloade cordless is my preferred option so I do not have to woory about buying a compressor and all the hoses required for this job.

    I have used Paslode guns in the past and they are great tools to make any project easier and quicker.

  124. Dennis T says:

    Summer’s here and, as a teacher, I have a ton of projects waiting for me. I’ve never heard of these nailers, but wow, what a time saver they would be.

  125. Mark L says:

    I work with a remodeling and repair contractor so we are always climbing around and dragging compressor hoses behind us or up ladders. A cordless nail gun would be a blessing for us and safer too. Remember fatigue is a safety issue as well.

  126. Ed L says:

    I was building a shed in my backyard . My neibours son came to help with a Paslode Nailer. Wow I had never seen one of these in operation before. I was impressed. I also do alot of work at my farm away from a power supply. What great tool for those situations.

  127. Alan says:

    I have had the opportunity to use one of the Paslode Cordless Nailers at work and I really found it quite convenient to use.

  128. Mary J Chapman says:

    As “us girls” over 50 need all the help we can get to repair and build things around the house, I would love to have this nailer. My daughter and son-in-law have one they are using to remodel their 1920’s home.

    This would be a wonderful addition to my tool box.

  129. Adrian Wood says:

    I just bought my first house and I could really use these to speed up all the work I need to do on it. I can’t afford a compressor and air tools so I’ve been hand nailing everything, but this would make life so much easier!

  130. I could start the room addition my wife has been waiting for. Hammers are not my friend,I would much rather use a Nailer and a cordless one at that.

  131. Elizabeth Etzel says:

    We are having to mod our house for my wheelchair and these tools would really help. Our next project is to expand the master bath so my chair can get into it. We will be doing framing renting compression nailer is such a hassle. I think these are out of my price range but they would help make our house fit for me. Oh, and I think my hubby would enjoy them as well.

  132. Carly says:

    I have seen these nailers in the hardware store, and have always been put off by their price tag. Great tools, but since I’m not a professional they always seemed out of my realm of possibility. It would be great to have such portability for all the “affixing” projects I have around my homestead!

  133. Robert McKay says:

    It sure would be nice to drop the long hose and 300 lbs compressor when nailing.

  134. Debbie says:

    I love to build birdhouses, and these tools would be a great help for my hobby!

  135. Chris says:

    I will bring about world peace and end hunger with this set of cordless nailers, which is obviously impossible for me to achieve with corded nailers 😉


  136. jason dakis says:

    I would probably run my entire business using only the cordless nailers. My only complaint is…..apparently some genius in the packaging/marketing department changed the design of the boxes that the nails come in (cardboard to plastic). Here’s the problem I own the cordless angled finish nailer, bought it 3 years ago and it always works without a hitch, I LOVE IT. Somebody changed the nail boxes for it and they no longer fit in the case. I’ve found myself recycling my old cardboard nail boxes just because the plastic ones don’t fit in the case. Please fix this problem. I like the fact that I can grab my paslode nailer and everything i will need for the job is in the case.

  137. Deanna says:

    I would be able to do more of the woodworking things that I have had to forgo due to tennis elbow in my right arm. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  138. Myron McCarty says:

    I drool every time I look at one of these nailers in a store. I have some pneumatic nailers, but there I times I don’t use them simply because of the hassle of getting the air compressor on and pumped up then dragging out the air hose.

  139. allen says:

    I’m having a problem with rabbits eating my plants. I’m really ready to shoot the rabbits but live in town. When I shared this frustration with my cousin she offered her paslode air nailer to assist with my problem.

  140. Tony says:

    Ah, the unfinished projects this would help me complete. Trim boards, cove moulding, and flooring are only a few of my thousands of tasks a portable nailer would help me finish!

  141. In the process of purchasing my first home. A set of Paslode nail guns would be a great help!

  142. Eric says:

    I’ve been roaming Craigslist for a compressor, and Home Depot for nail guns, as we have some serious framing in sight for this summer. That gear however is just the ticket! That would be a sweet birthday present!

  143. Mansour says:

    What a wonderful arsenal of completely portable tools. I would LOVE to win these and be able to work in my yard to repair my fences, deck, and all of the other things that a manual hammer and nail are just too tedious and inaccurate for.

  144. Joseph says:

    I have used a variety of pneumatic nail and staple guns. I was introduced to Paslode by a local supplier several years ago. I found the dependability of Paslode’s nail guns far superior to the others. We now only use Paslode nail and staple guns. The only problem is they all require a hose and compressor. Some of my work involves heights that make the hose a weight and mobility problem. I am getting older and notice things like that a lot more.
    It is better than using a hammer, but still by the end of the day you know you were dragging something around. I got a chance to use your airless nail gun.
    I had some work to do out in the middle of nowhere – no power, no water, no facilities if you understand. It was a fairly simple job and I was going to use a hammer. I was offered the use of your airless nail gun. I could hardly believe how wonderful a tool can be. I got the job done in a few minutes. I was done so quickly I was wondering if I was dreaming. Now, I want to go airless. Money is tight, but I will eventually manage. I have some jobs I will need to do at home that will put me on scaffolding and wanting that airless. I am going to see if I can borrow it again, if not I still have the compressor, hose and my Paslode nailer.
    Should I win this, I will probably learn how to yodel. Its a great tool and I wish I owned one a long time ago.

  145. Kyle says:

    These portable nailers would be perfect for the types of house projects I have ahead of me. I need to remodel my kitchen in the next few months, and this would be a great help in that project!

  146. Damion says:

    Wow. A free SET of Paslode nailers? That’d be fantastic… I’m going to be starting a remodeling project on a 120 year old, 3,000 square foot farmhouse, and it would be wonderful to not have to have air hoses snaking all through the place. Maybe I would even be able to get some work done this year!

  147. Tom Leach says:

    I need to expand my closet of a kitchen this year for our family of 6 and know the Paslode cordless guns are the must have tools for this major project. I have a Paslode cordless trim nailer IM 250ll I use on the job for new home builds and remodels. Their cordless staple gun is excellent for siding as well. Jobs are just quicker and easier without a hose attached. The case for my gun is very durable and has plenty of storage for nails, batteries and fuel cells. The batteries and fuel cells last a long time – I’ve trimmed an entire house on one fuel cell. It is well balanced and a good weight. Jammed nails can be easily cleared. Maintenance is easy and I like the wide range of nail sizes I can use. I wish I had the angle trim gun to get tighter into corners. Paslode reps have come to my local hardware store to give free checkups and cleanings of the tool. I give it an A+ for quality and dependability.

  148. Carly says:

    My fiancee is going to remodel our basement, and this would be a FANTASTIC surprise for him. I would love to win these!

  149. Peter says:

    Love my Paslode tools!

  150. Deborah says:

    I have left the trim wood pieces off of much of my remodeling/redecorating projects around the house because a hammer and nail punch is just too much of a problem for me. I would love to have these nailers to finish my projects and start a bunch of new ones!

  151. Anthony says:

    Paslode make the ABSOLUTE BEST portable nailing devices. I have used the framing and finish nailers many times before (a friend of mine has both), but have never owned any due to the price tag. It would be SUPER SWEET to have these nailers in my arsenal!

  152. My husband has been remodeling our homes and helping friends and family with their remodeling projects since 1969. In the past 2 decades he has contributed time and his skills to Habitat for Humanity. He has worked a full time job all this time and did all the remodeling in spare time. Since he is now IN his 60’s and has had open heart surgery, he is not as strong nor has the stamina he used to have. He now enjoys watching the home improvement shows and reading the DIY websites that weren’t around earlier in our lives. I think these types of power tools would be a great help to this wonderful man as he continues to generously give of his time and skills helping others and teaching younger people the skills they need to do their own projects. Thank you. Maggie Suttman

  153. Kevin says:

    I love these tools they hold up to the punishment that happens on a day to day bases. I have used them to frame amd finish everything from a dog house to muti-family housing units. I am so impressed with them that I dont have any other brand in my trailer and willgo out of my way to get them.

  154. John Clawson says:

    Worked with a borrowed (begged) Paslode cordless brad nailer on recent bath remodel. The nailer worked great, no real down side. However, you do need to keep an eye out for combustibles ( solvents or adhesives fumes) in work area when operating unit.

  155. Henry Hilliard says:

    I have been looking to buy a framing nailer as we are just starting to build a new home. With all the nails that have to be driven a power nailer is just what the Doctor has Ordered, LOL. Where we are building there is no power at the moment so running a compressor will require a generator. I have not seen any of these cordless nailers till this web site, I am now on the hunt….

  156. George Bledsoe says:

    I love my Paslode cordless nailer, it stopped my early retirement due to acute arthritis. Since then I have labored less and accomplished more and made more money. I love my wife but my paslode runs a close second !!!

  157. Jym Peck says:

    If I were to win, it would be tree stands, tree stands, tree stands!!!!!! It is terrible to try to build stands in the woods by hand. A corless framer would make life a lil easier and safer!!
    But before I could do that I would have to do the around the house projects that the wife keeps chirpping in my ear about. Fixing the garage door, the back door. Putting up the stockade fence, Renailing the eves. It just doesn’t end. But that Paslode Kit sure could make everything a lot less time consuming and no need for her to have to help me.
    Thanks for the oppurtunity.

  158. Patrick Gillett says:

    I do alot of wood working on the side and can always use more tools, some might say I’m a tool but I’ll deny it.

  159. KEVIN REECE says:

    I tell you, these nailers are the greatest things since sliced bread. I have built a couple of houses just for family. I was taught by the best when it come to trim work, my dad and grandpa, retired carpenters. I started with using a drill, hammer and set, then the air nailers. Then, my buddy who is a carpenter, let me borrow his Paslode angle trim gun. WOW. I did not want to give it back. I have been waiting for the angle nailer to go on sale, I check daily at Menards and Lowes. Finally this Fathers Day it was, so I finally have one of my own. Thanks for making such a wonderful product, you have saved a lot of time and headaches.

  160. Michael Cotter says:

    I rented a Paslode Nailer to build 180 feet of Shadowbox privacy fence. The greatest thing about using a corless nailer, was that i could go from one side of the fence to the other, nailing pickets up without having to drag along cords, hoses or compressors. The project took me 3 days total and the Paslode only needed one battery recharge. Lightweight and very well balanced i got no arm fatigue. I carried the nails right on my hip, so loading was quick and easy. I would definatly recommend this or any Paslode tool for the weekend project or every day commercial use.

  161. Phil Cormier says:

    these are the greatest guns i have ever used! ive been using them for 7 years now and i dont want to go back to using anything else. never using a compressor is awesome! no loud noise from the compressor so ur ground guys cant hear u, or annoy a homeowner or neighbors of a job. Oh man and no hoses, SWEET! being up on a roof plywooding or even putting up rafters, you never ever get tangled or wrapped up around anything. plus the fact that they clip right to your belt so u never have to carry the thing, sure ill pull up another sheet of plywood right now and not have to worry about where to wedge my gun to pull it up.

  162. Phil Cormier says:

    oh yeah and ive beaten the hell out of mine so im going to say that they are very durable

  163. Kyle says:

    I have used these while helping friends build or remodel, and can say that they are the best automated tool I have ever used. They allow you to get into the tightest of spaces and still drive a nail through multiple layers of 2×4 (as an example). Simply awesome. I would love to own this suite of Paslode tools!

  164. Brian says:

    Just bought a used cordless framing nailer off ebay to use while building a hunting cabin in an area without electricity. Saved buying a gas powered compressor or a generator powerful enough to power an air compressor.

  165. Rick McCullough says:

    Im an Electrician starting up a new business cant quite afford a cordless framing nailer write now but no matter what will get one. I used a paslode framing nailer with my old job almost every day on new houses for installing fan braces. They’re also handy in a attic of a old house especially when its hot to nail a 2×4 for a fan brace. Its so nice not to have to worry about a air compressor

  166. kevin says:

    hi my name is kevin girdler and i am a new carpenter and i would love to have this nail gun set my boss has the whole set and i love useing them we use then evary were it would be great to have my own set but i would recomend this gun to joe handyman to contractor they are great guns
    thank you
    kevin girdler

  167. Arlene says:

    I am a 62 year old female In May 2006 I purchased an old victorian built in 1867 and there is always something to install, repair or replace in my beloved money pit. I retired on 5/30/09 and plan to do a lot of the repair work myself. Living on a fixed income will make it hard to purchase all the give-a-way tools so winning a set of the Paslode tools would be awesome and definitely an asset in my new carpentry endeavors.

  168. Deb says:

    These would be great for me and my husband! We live in a remote area on a large area of land. This would be so much better than lugging his big compressor everywhere we need to go do work!

  169. Pepster says:

    Pete – I swear when I saw your first post, I forgot use a handle on these boards and thought to myself – “Did I already post here?”

  170. Pepster says:

    If I win, I swear I will also provide pictures of the various things I’ll inevitably nail to my hand…..

    The more I look at these, the more I want them, though – injuries nonwithstanding. I just know I’ll go nail crazy.

    There will be nothing loose in my house by the time I’m done, and we’ll have to bring the food to the dog.

  171. off grid says:

    I borrowed a friend’s cordless paslode at his insistence.(I hate to borrow) It has changed my life! Now I just need to own one instead of suffering from the guilt of borrowing! I am building a home that is off the electric grid down on the Kenai Pennisula here in Alaska and this is the tool to have! It is drooled over by all of the ingenious and industrious neighbors that live around here without having the benefit (and bills) from the electric company!

  172. Beans says:

    Best feature for me would be the lack of compressor noise.

  173. Bill Johnson says:

    My wife and I split up temporarily last year so I could take a new job in another state. She said she wanted to sell everything that wasn’t a hand tool. Guess what, now we are back together, and I am dying to replace my Paslode stuff. We bought a house built (and last redocorated) in the early eighties, my to-do list is endless. The amount of time I would save having this kit would be truly awesome.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win something this nice!

  174. Bonnie Yoho says:

    Need to build 3 run in sheds for our horses. Got to frame in the basement garage door to keep the cold air out of our new workshop. Got to build a garage. There is all this wainscotting we want to put in our house and new trim. Yep, the Paslode package would certainly make life a lot easier.

  175. Jeff W says:

    I am about to build a 6ft picket fence and this would be a nice little prize. I never win anything like this.

  176. Nick the Hick says:

    I was working on a pole barn framing crew last year, and the guy running the crew had Paslodes – first time I had ever used them.

    I was pretty skeptical, I mean years of using nailers tied to airhoses, I was sure there wouldn’t be enough in those things to get the job done.

    First truss going up sold me, with no more questions asked. 18 feet off the ground slapping up a stopper 2×4. No hose dragging me to the side, no worries about getting tangled up or caught in anything. These things should be required for safety reasons alone when you are up on a ladder. Don’t forget the time savings. You take the time spent mopving and shifting hoses, and it adds up over the course of a day. If you are using these things to make money, I bet they could pay for themselves in time in less than a year.

    So, next day I drop it. Putting in the purlins, way up at the peak, down it goes. Yea, I should have had a strap on, but I didn’t. Bounced real nice on that concrete pad. I go down, pick it up, give it a trial run. Works like a charm (I was worried I was going to have to replace it).

    Yea, I want this set. Ilove these things, I can’t tell you how much I love them. Business being what it has been, I can’t justify the expense yet, but oh boy do I want them

  177. Derek says:

    It would be super sweet to get this set!!!! I think every man of the house should have a set like this.

  178. Andrew says:

    I am an avid do-it-yourself person. I have rebuilt two cars and I am currently renovating a patio home. I am constantly finding needs for different nail guns but I like to keep my compressor at my parents house (were I work on cars). Besides, it is an absolute beast to move. Being able to complete my projects without the need for a compressor would be ideal. I have been wanting to buy them myself but I am still in college and money is in short supply these days. I am hoping to complete the patio home renovation before moving so it would make a more suitable property to lease. I would make good use of these tools for years to come.

  179. Ashley says:

    I have been using the Paslode range for three years now since being an apprentice and they have certainly made my job much easier, however I have since had my tools stolen from site and so I no longer have my IM350 or IM250 🙁 so a new set would be fantastic in this current climate.

  180. JOHN RAYNO says:


  181. STEVE BERLINER says:

    I am a recently retired surgeon who loves to build and repair things around the house. I have wanted a nail gun for a long time, but did not have room or the patience to use a compressor. When I discovered Paslode, my handyman status changed dramatically. I recently put up crown and baseboard molding in my own home, my two daughters’ homes and in a friends’ home. I constantly look for projects to use my nailer. I love the feel, sound and even the smell of the gas exhaust!! But not everyone loves my Paslode – my grandchildren hold their ears and run, their dog hides in the farthest closet in the house and my dog tries to get between me and the wall I’m working on so that I can’t fire the gun! I now have two homes, one in Florida and one in Connecticut, and I carry my Paslode back and forth with me. I have not enjoyed a tool as much as this one. Thanx PASLODE.

  182. Jessica says:

    If I won the set of Paslode cordless nailers, I would give it to my fiance Paul. He is a Seabee in the NAVY who has an extreme passion for construction and building. He mentioned that he loved this brand of tools, and I would love to win this set for him. He is one of the most deserving hard workers I have ever met. He works with what tools he has, so it would be nice to get hiim a brand new set of tools he could depend on. Paul plans to start his own construction business, and I would love to have some small part in helping him accomplish his goal. Please consider Paul for winning the set of Paslode cordless nailers. Thank you.

  183. Douglas B says:

    My wife and three kids have saved for seven years to buy a farm house,and I will have a five year remodel plan that includes a barn,five out buildings and a two story farm house that is going to have a total remodel from top to bottom. I have saved and bought alot of tools second hand,and would be so blessed to have a new set of the AWSOME paslode tools that everyone wants to own. I would love to send in pics of me and my family using my paslode tools making my family dream come true.

  184. Kyle says:

    Totally cordless nailers like this would be sooo nice as a replacement for my heavy air hoses I have to lug around!

  185. Martin Altizer says:

    Hose, hose, hose…leaking fittings, noisy compressors…I’ve had the chance to try one of the ‘no-hose models, and my poor disabled body longs for one! Now, if I can manage to fit the price into my Social (in)Security check and under my wife’s radar…

  186. Petey says:

    I like the sounds of Ashley’s experience – It’s reassuring to know that the winner won’tt just bee a guinea pig on a new design, but the recipient of time tested and well received nailing workhorses.

  187. Fat Neophyte says:

    I just read the list at the top. I was going by the picture, and thought the set was two nailers, it looks like it’s actually FOUR nailers.

    That is AWESOME!

    I am now even more excited.

    also, I posted this in another thread, but there’s a review here:

  188. Carls says:

    Ah, to own complete freedom with powered nail guns would be the TOPS! Please enter me into your fantastic drawing.

  189. Steve says:

    Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico – note Amazon won’t ship the fuel cells via air, so it goes on the slow boat via Timbuktu. Order now to get ’em by Christmas!

  190. Jeff W says:

    @Steve lol. I guess today is the last day for comments. I hope that I win these. I have to get a nailer either way, it would be nice if it was a free one.

  191. Angelo says:

    I use my tools daily to be able to feed, clothe, and house my family. I am a handyman/remodeler and have such a range of projects that I have to be ready for anything. This means carrying around many categories of tools. My customers are always asking me, “while you are here do you mind…(fill in blank with a task that invariably requires pulling out another tool)”. I always oblige because I believe in customer service and developing lasting relationships with my clients. I can’t count the number of times that I could have saved time being able to pull out a paslode nailer and make that little free extra they asked for look as easy as they think it is. I would love to be able to make room for this set by pulling the compressor out of its spot. I will use every one of these nailers – alot. Please pick my comment and you can sleep at night knowing that you not only made a good choice but also an everlasting gift (as I use the nailers to bring joy to others).
    PS you will love the picture I will send

  192. KPI says:

    This would be the GREATEST gift to my summer projects (of which I have many). I can think of several tasks these nailers would IMMEDIATELY help me accomplish.

  193. EpeeBoy says:

    I think Paslode should send the runners-up a coupon for a nice discounted set. We’ve all made it clear we love their tools!

  194. Ame says:

    I think the Whitney Houston classic song “Greatest Love Of All” sums up my feeling about Paslode tools. These cordless tools would complete my life and my arsenal of tools.

    I decided long ago, never to walk in anyones shadows
    If I fail, if I succeed
    At least I live as I believe
    No matter what they take from me
    They cant take away my dignity
    Because the greatest love of all
    Is happening to me
    I found the greatest love of all
    Inside of me
    The greatest love of all
    Is easy to achieve
    Learning to love yourself
    It is the greatest love of all

  195. ChaosJoe says:

    I will have to build a whole new shelf with these to store them.
    These will make a great start to my tool collection and really help on my projects.

  196. Bingo says:

    Is this the place to sign up for the Paslode tool contest?

    Winning these would literally be the greatest thing that has ever happened to my old house which is desperately in need of repair!

  197. Walter says:

    Thinking of buying one for around the house. Does anyone know if the CF325 fuel cells will hold their charge with limited use? I would only use it a few times a year for special projects and I would not want to waste a fuel cell for just a few nails.

  198. Josh says:

    Does paslode keep parts on stock for older models? Seems like these would last for quite a while but may need some upkeep do to the somewhat more vilent discharge of the tool. Maybe I”m missing the mark here.

  199. Alex says:

    My buddy introduced me to Paslode cordless nailers. These things are so much more convenient than any other nailer I have ever used. The batteries last forever on a single charge too. Just make sure your fuel cells don’t expire and these things will never misfire.

  200. Terry says:

    I have a Handyman business so I could put it to the test for endurance. I hate hoses and elec cords as we all do. If I won I promise to ………..oh never mind, i’ll just go buy one.

    have a great 4th of July

  201. Petey says:


    Thanks for the vote of confidence, I’ve been trying to get a feeling for reliability and duration fromt he crowd.

    Nobody has a bad word to say about these tools!

  202. Dave says:

    I must be honest with everyboby reading these posts, I have and have used all the cordless nailers by Paslode and their a pleasure to work with, I have been using my framing nailer for over five years doing room additions, stairs, porches and rough framing and never had it serviced or had a problem with it, these tools are made to last and very user friendly, I highly recommend them to anyone!!!!!!

  203. Tara says:

    My husband really deserves these new tools. He is a wonderful father and husband who is constantly donating his handy services to help out friends and family with home improvements. He works in finance in NY city and with the crashing markets, he has tried to keep our family afloat by doing side jobs after his already tedious 14 hour work day. He thinks nothing of volunteering his time and services for organizations such as “hearts and hammers” and is always helping out our elderly neighbors. If won, these tools would be put to good use in improving the lives of many of our friends and family. They would also make his good deeds much quicker and easier which would allow him to have more time to spend with his family. Thank you for this opportunity.

  204. Sharon McCaslin says:

    My husband is starting a handyman service and could really use these tools.

  205. David Hoy says:

    I best ting about these tools to that you can work in a remote area you do not need power for an air compressor. Also the thing I liked about the one I saw was that you don’t have the noise of a compressor running, so when your not using the tool you can talk. I own an old house and am always working on it so one day I am upstairs and the next down these would make it so much easier/. Dave in upstate new york

  206. Ian Schottelius says:

    Awesome tools. The ease of getting around the job site enables me to work efficiently.

  207. Kevin Gilmore says:

    Sorry this is so long but, I feel it’s important. My wife and I wanted to build a large shed/workshop, somewhere around 12’x24′. I research everything so when it came time to decide what type and size we wanted, we were excited to buy into a old 1800’s farm barn. This barns are falling down and getting hard to find, as farmers are forced to either burying the wood or burning them down to make room for newer shelters. Saving these barns with the old growth trees from 200-1000 years ago, is very important, as we will never see any again. Today, most building lumber comes from tree farms, cut by machine and heavily processed, but a hundred or more years ago, the wood used to build structures was not only rough cut, or hand cut, but it was old growth forest. And if you’ve never seen a kitchen or living room built with these hand hewn beams and cut barn boards, with that rich patina that only comes with decades of daily use and weathering from wind, rain and sun, then you’re missing out. Reclaimed wood is an elegant, graceful, and sturdy material used for many different home construction and renovation projects, ranging from furniture construction to a home’s frame.

    Anyway, when I told her, “boy, a cordless nailer would be great for this old man to use for building the shed” ! When see looked at the price for these guns, she was not a happy camper but, agreed with my old muscles telling us, I’m not a youngster anymore. When I started researching, I wanted a high quality but not over priced nailer. I talked with two local home builders and reading a lot of material on the web, I bought my Paslode. When I put 2-2×4’s on my bench and pulled the trigger, I was so shocked & thrilled that I bought a product that actually not only worked but, was fun to use ! I went scurrying around the garage to find anything I could nail. After encouraging my wife to try it, and after the initial pop/whoosh sound, she liked it and said, give me another piece of wood. lol !

    Well I’ll tell ya, this tool made the build so,…..much faster and easier, that we are helping others with this “reclaimed wood barn lumber”, for floors, furniture, art work and,…..other sheds. All of us that have used it, we haven’t had any problems at all except, “WHERE DID THE BOX OF NAILS GO” LOL.

    Just like owning a truck, my “Paslode” nail gun has become very popular ! Now I need a finish and brad nailer too !

    From the “Barn Gang”, thank you for a great product Paslode !
    Kevin & Patty.

  208. JIM HARTWICK says:

    I have a Paslode finish nailer and older Paslode framing nailer. i go on 2 misssion trips a year they are great. everyone on the trip wants to use the guns.I also work with the local Habitat for Humanity. they dont have a Paslode so they alaways ask me to bring mine.IF i would win the tools I would donate them the the local HABITAT chapter. THANK you Jim

  209. Kathy Cheney says:

    I am a DYI-er and I love this gun. I should be a granny cooking and baking but that doesn’t do it for me. I have many tools and if I did bake I guess this would be the icing on my tool cake.

  210. Steve Thomas says:

    Love the Nailers!! I have used air nailers for years, always thought there has to be an easier way. THIS IS IT! We built a climate control room at my work place for the companys computer main frame….it went up so fast and easy, thanks to your products. It was my first time using a compressor free nailer. Safety was greatly increased because of the lack of having to pull the air hose out of the way while using ladders and scaffolding. Can’t say it enough…Thanks paslode!

  211. Zoey Rennie says:

    When i was at school my dream job was to become a carpenter and because i am a girl nobody except my family believed i would fulfill this dream. All kept hearing from everybody was it was a mans job and i would never manage. I was really determined by this so after alot of hard work i eventually got a job as an apprentice joiner and i loved every minute of it. Unfortunatly when i was half way through my apprenticeship i was paid off and am currently struggling to get another job due to the current economic climate. I have been keeping busying doing odd jobs but it is so much slower hand nailing things so if i was to win the nailguns it would be fantastic and so much quicker. It would also allow me to make much more money so i can keep doing my dream job.

  212. Mike McBeath says:

    I am a long term volunteer (1 year) in Greensburg, KS. I’m working Mennonite Housing to rebuild homes for people who lost everything in a tornado.

    We have around 23 houses that we are working on. We do everything from framing to trim work on the houses. A lot of the work is done by volunteers.

    These tools would save us many headaches of haul compressors and generators back and forth to job sites. By doing this it gives us more time to do the job and less time hauling tools. That means we can get people into their homes much faster.

  213. Aled Mogford says:

    I have just finished my carpentry apprenticeship and I don’t own my own paslode guns yet but i once borrowed my friends. The best tool ive ever used. Ever since i used it ive hated picking up my hammer. Because i have finished my apprenticeship i am looking to buy my own nail gun and other tools. I have been looking at the new makita nail gun but have never used one. Paslode looks to be the most reliable tool in this field, so i think im going to save my money to get my own paslode guns. Unless i win these haha.
    thanks, Aled

  214. Dan Noel says:

    I just finished a two year heritage carpentry course which now has left me $25000 in debt. I starting working on my own about three months ago and Im doing really well. I love the paslode cordless nailers. A couple of contractors I worked for had them and I instantly fell in love. Not only because there is no long air hose to drag around but it is so comfortable. I have used other cordless nailers before, but they don’t compare to the paslodes style. I have gone out and bought a paslode 16ga cordless because I love them so much. I would never think of owning any other nailer whether a cordless or air. These guns take a lot of abuse and keep going. well worth the money. I wish I could purchase the set, that would be a miracle.

    Thanks Dan

  215. Tyler Tikkanen says:

    Paslode makes the best nail guns I have ever used. They work very well and i have 3 of them here in Panama with me. I am in the process of building a motel on the beach here. Although i have 3 only 1 works and thats just barely. i believe there is something wrong in the electric systems in the gun. Down here there are no places to get them fixed and there is no way to get any products to fix them down here in time. so as you can see i am in great need of these guns and they would be put to great use. Thank you

  216. William deGroff says:

    Can’t even tell you how great it is to own Paslode guns. My first was a 5350 which I purchased in 1989 after throwing a Hilti away because it constantly jammed and they could not fix it. (Never even made it through a box of nails) They 5350 still works but I almost never even use even in the shop, just not worth the time to set it up.

    What could be easier than popping open those great cases and throwing in a battery. Those of you who drool over this tool are never going to get it. These tools save tons of time and make you more $$$. Period. Get out there and get one as soon as you can.

    I have some other air nailers, but everytime that paslode comes out with a new tool I BUY IT… For the same reasons I mentioned above. There quality cannot be beat and all of my Paslode tools are still working after a decade of work.
    A new set would be WONDERFUL, and very refreshing as I could make even more $$$ putting them to work in the hands of the guys who work for me that DON’T HAVE THEM!

  217. David says:

    These cordless Paslode nailers are awesome. When you have to be nailing in places such as up in rafters, these are great. You don’t have to worry about pulling an air hose around with you. I haven’t bought one yet for myself, but I have been really thinking about buying one. I use these at work doing residential construction, and I love them! What is also handy is that the nail gun has a handy hanger on it as well, that lets you hang it right on a truss. No more trying to figure out where to balance the gun, and end up dropping it. You can just hang it and it will stay there until you need it again. I have only got to use the framing nailer though. I am anxious to see how the other cordless tools will do. I would definitely use these if I had them. I sometimes do remodeling jobs, and it would sure be a big help.

  218. Rod Gardin says:

    What a great giveaway! I am just about done framing by basement and I have been using a nailer with a hose. What a pain! The hose catches on corners, knocks over studs waiting to be nailed, and the compressor is so loud we have to leave it outside and run the hose through the window. I have a lot of work left to go on the basement and these cordless/hoseless nailers would speed up the work and make it safer. PLEASE pick me!

  219. Dave Tool says:

    I truly miss my Makita cordless nailer. Well, in reality it wasn’t mine, but the company I worked for. However I used it day in and day out for almost 6 months so I grew quite attached. It’s amazing how quickly the cordless tool quality has changed in the past 10 years. These Paslode nailers look amazing – just what I need to maintain my cabin!

  220. Garret Lehto says:

    I wish my 900420 cordless framing nailer still worked good. I can’t seem to get it fixed and i can’t afford a new one yet.

  221. LARRY POPE says:

    I was looking at a picture of my Great Grandfather standing in front of his log cabin home he built by hand. He was proudly holding a black powder rifle in one hand and a powder horn in the other, showing how he hunted for food and protected his family. Can you imagine how nice it would have been for him to take out “his” Paslode air nailer and knock out a project in 1/3 of the time? Especially working on a house! My Grandmother was a little girl in that picture about 5 years old. I’m glad they had someone come by and take their picture. I think when I win these nailers I will stand in front of my next project and let someone take a picture of me and my new Paslode nailers! Then my great grandchildren would know what I was proud of!!!

  222. Prat Picozzi says:

    I have utilized both the encircling and complete nailers from Paslode. They are completely the best. Everytime I drag my compressor around to different activities I wish I had a portion of the Paslode rigging to effectively bear. Particularly in those tight spaces where an air-drive nailer + the air hose keep the point I wish to nail at.

    On the off chance that I won, I’d utilize the nailers to construct a deck on my home this mid year. I’m going to manufacture one in any case, however these instruments would beyond any doubt make the work a considerable measure simpler.

  223. Kathy Cheney says:

    Thinking of buying one for around the house. Does anyone know if the CF325 fuel cells will hold their charge with limited use? I would only use it a few times a year for special projects and I would not want to waste a fuel cell for just a few nails.

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