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Chainsaws are cool — they’re also dangerous and can bite you pretty hard if you don’t handle ’em carefully, but they’re really cool.  The folks at Stihl are trying to make ’em even cooler by adding low-emission features to their saws, without nerfing the power.  Enter the MS 211 C-BE chain saw, which sports all their best features for occasional-operation saws plus some green additions thrown in for good measure.

Stihl designed the MS 211 C-BE for cutting firewood or felling small trees, not serious hardcore action like clear-cutting forests.  However some of its features sound hardcore, like the IntelliCarb, which keeps the RPMs steady even when the filter begins to clog — even if it’s only an adjustable air diaphragm in the carburetor, that’s a badass name for it.

The easy-access carburetor-adjustment screws allow you adjust the carburetor for different cutting conditions and altitudes, and the Easy2Start system reduces resistance on the pull cord, eliminating the need for a hard, fast pull to crank it up and get the saw going.

The 35.2cc gas-powered motor cranks 2.3 ponies to run the 12” to 16” bar.  This small but rugged little unit will handle most of the heavy household work without a problem.  It’ll be a little easier on the environment, with the carb adjustments, and a lot easier on your shoulder when you start it, compared to a unit you might have found on the shelf ten years ago.

Pricing looks like it’s going to run in the $300 range for the MS 211 C-BE and a 16” bar. They’re a little new, so if you’re having trouble finding one you might want to start looking at the heavy equipment supply joints first.

MS 211 C-BE 16″ Chain Saw [Stihl USA]
Street Pricing [Stihl]


2 Responses to Stihl MS 211 C-BE Chain Saw

  1. Kevin Pace says:

    I believe I see a tool-less chain adjust on that one. Not a huge fan of those. They’re easy to adjust, but they don’t have enough locking torque to hold the blade as secure as the old fashioned bolt and screw system. You end up needing to re-tighten it once every 3-5 minutes which can get a tad annoying.

    Otherwise, looks like a nice saw.

  2. Tim Hughes says:

    This is a great little saw. Weighs in at just 10 pounds, good power and the 16 inch bar is plenty for most moderate jobs/cleanup work. Obviously not your saw if you fell redwoods, but that’s not its purpose. Has the new EZ start and the tooless chain adjuster works great and keeps you from having to keep a tool in you pocket.

    All in all, on of the best Stihl saws I’ve used for the money (about $320).

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