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Amazon is offering a deal on the 50′ STRAIT-LINE Sonic Laser Tape, at $13.  This non-contact measuring device allows you to determine distances up to 50′, and it also computes areas and volumes based on the measurements.  It’s only accurate to within a few inches, and the reviews are less than stellar, but it should help with figuring paint, carpet, flooring, etc.  And it’s a Freaking Sonic Laser Tape!

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3 Responses to Dealmonger: 50′ STRAIT-LINE Sonic Laser Tape $13

  1. Nick Cody says:

    With 40% ($5.33) Shipping as it isn’t from Amazon its from Skycraft Parts and Electronic Surplus.
    The laser is just for pointing/aiming, the distance is measured via sound which I have heard can have big issues with softer surfaces like curtains and acoustic ceiling tiles. I’ve also heard they have issues measuring to nonparallel surfaces or round poles. But could be good for quick estimating.
    Poster, (another Nick C) if you buy it, I would be interested in reading a post purchase review/Hands On in a few weeks.

  2. fred says:

    We tried a batch of different ones over the years. The laser ones have gotten better – and the two Leica’s that we have are accurate enough for cabinet installation measurements. Unfortunately – they do not cost $19 even without shipping

  3. PongMan says:

    I’ve installed several hundred feet of crown using the Stanley Fat Max Tru-Laser. A sonic measurement might be good for estaimates but you’d have to not only pad your measurements but also pad the inaccuracies of the sonic tape. Without knowing if it’s short or long, any repeated buying would more than pay for itself with the extra cost of a laser tape.

    If you already own one, a simple patch would be to carry around something flat and hard for the sound to bounce off of. It should make your measurements more consistent.

    My long term enjoyment of a tool is well worth an extra one time cost of $80.

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