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If you need a small portable cutting tool for carpet, clamshell, cardboard, fabric, and other lightweight materials, take a look at Skil’s Power Cutter. It sports a 10-sided 1-1/2″ blade, and it comes with a 3.6V lithium-ion rechargeable battery and charger.  Amazon is selling the Skil Power Cutter for $48 — or you can pick it up at Ace Hardware for $52 if you need it immediately.

Via Amazon [What’s This?]
Skil Power Cutter [Ace Hardware]
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4 Responses to Skil Power Cutter

  1. farious says:

    Is this thing strong enough to cut through vinyl siding, including the top folded part?

  2. Kevin Pace says:


    Skil’s website doesn’t mention vinyl siding as an option it would cut and judging by the blade type and power I would say no. This really seems to be more of a craft cutter or for light duty box demolition.

  3. PongMan says:


    I don’t know about the folded part but several reviewers have claimed it will cut through vinyl siding. Check out this review:


  4. Jackjack says:

    For the most part the Skill Multi-cutter doesn’t do anything that one could not do faster with a razor knife. It is awkward to use because of the safety features. But one thing it does and does well is open blister packaging which is difficult to do with either a knife or scissors. Otherwise, it often jams cutting crossways on thick corugated cardboard boxes and stops cutting. For me, the tool was a big disappointment. I should have known because it is not very often that Skil puts out a quality product. The concept has great promise but Skil botched it. Maybe one of Skil’s competitors will do better at less cost. Perhaps Chicago can provide a lower cost and more useful tool

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