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You try to pull the roller cover off the frame without making a mess, but you have to apply so much pressure that paint starts seeping through your fingers.  After you finish scrubbing the paint off your hands you might want to check out Shur-Line’s Easy Release Roller Frame.

Squeezing the frame’s Easy Release lever allows you to slip roller covers on and off — you guessed it, easily.  The roller cage also prevents roller cover walk-off, which is the tendency for the roller cover to slide off the cage as you use it.

If after reading this you just can’t paint another wall with your old roller frame, go pick up Shur-Line’s Easy Release Roller Frame for $9.

Easy Release Roller Frame [Shur-Line]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


8 Responses to Less Mess With The Easy Release Roller Frame

  1. Jereme Green says:

    I think it is a great product I also want suggest for people who dont have it put the old rollers in a small bag it preserves the roller for the next use

  2. Jim German says:

    You have to get your hands dirty cleaning the roller anyway, so who cares if you have to grab the roller too?

  3. @Jim German:

    What if you’re just going to throw out the cover? 🙂 I paint maybe twice a year with a roller and between coats I’ve used the trick Jereme Green mentions.

    That’s a good point, but I think the product addresses the problem that if you make the cage tight enough to prevent the roller from walking-off , it can be hard to remove the roller, if you make the cage loose enough to make it easy to remove the cover you can get walk-off.

    I don’t paint enough to really know if this is going to work like promised, I have had both the roller walk-off problem and stuck covers though. I was buying a roller frame and saw this one I’d probably pick it up and try it.

  4. deelow says:

    I’d like to grab her rollers!

  5. Kris says:

    @deelow –

    Very P.I. but I agree.

  6. Copguy says:

    Two choices:

    1) Disposable rubber or nitrile gloves.
    2) Grab it with a plastic bag from the supermarket, pull it off, then turn the bag inside out with it inside and tie it off.

    Another unnecessary gizmo.

  7. Jim says:

    Bought this about a year ago and it didn’t work. I’ve had problems with cages that don’t grab at all causing the cover to wander. So bought one that grabbed the cover better. Unfortunately it doesn’t let go w/o persuassion. Bought the above product and the lever wouldn’t lock despite strong force. I’m not sure if there are only certain covers that work with it or not. I was using Purdy covers. If you’re going to buy this, try it in the store first. Maybe I got a lemon.
    If I’m not cleaning the roller I just use the grocery bag method. But check for holes in the bag first. Personal experience.

  8. Gough says:

    Instead, get the Purdy Pro-Extra 1 3/4 roller frame and covers. The covers don’t “walk” off, but a tap on the angle of the metal handle and the cover comes right off. This is all my company has used for the last few years. A number of people have suggested the plastic bag method. We’ve tried both that and aluminum foil and found that aluminum foil works even better (less permeable to air?).

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