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Reader Jey_lux posted this pic of his shop setup, which shows the benefits of mixing store-bought and home-built storage — his bins and future shelves seem to work well with the prefab units.  And we have to award some style points for the traffic light, one of our old-school favorites.

The traffic lights are like “the spool” all of us had in our first apartment.  You may shake your head, but you can’t deny the hotness either.  Nowadays you can just purchase these lights or ones very similar to ’em, instead of doing it with a ratchet and pair of bolt cutters like the farm kids used to back in the day –- which, of course, we assume Jey is innocent of.

We’re also sure Jey was talking about the sweet fluorescent lights on the ceiling when he mentioned he added lighting to the shop –- but traffic lights are still cooler.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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