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Following the recent trend of top-of-the-line pneumatic gun rollouts, Campbell Hausfeld just released three new units bearing the CH blue:  from biggest to smallest, the CHN70899 3-1/2” framing nailer, the CHN70699 15-gauge nailer, and the CHN70299 18-gauge brad nailer.  Can you guess the first highlighted feature of the new guns?  If you said “targeting laser,” you nailed it.

CH wins the coveted “Laser Award” for being the first manufacturer to throw a laser sight on a full-sized framing nailer. We’re not exactly sure why they did it, but the CHN70899 proudly sports one.

Other more logical-sounding additions include an on-board stud finder in the 15-gauge model, a tethered no-mar tip in all three, and an “anti-dry fire” mechanism that won’t let the CH guns fire without a fastener in the slot.

All kidding aside, they do look interesting. We’re curious to see how they’ll stack up to more conventional models and what happens to the laser and stud finder when the gun gets dropped off a roof, but we’re sure the folks at CH have thought of that already.  The new lineup’ll start hitting local haunts soon, so we’ll keep an eye out for actual street pricing.

Campbell Hausfeld Nailers [Product Site]


8 Responses to Preview: Campbell Hausfeld’s ’09 Pneumatics

  1. Barri says:

    So how on earth do you see the area your gonna nail if the tip is in the way? Seems like a stupid idea to me. What next! Belt sanders with Lazer guides?

  2. fred says:

    Since the 15gauge gun is undoubtedly aimed at the trim carpenter market – there is probably less opportunity for dropping it off of a roof – maybe a ladder– when nailing fascia trim ??

    Lasers are another gimmick – particularly for a framing nailer where you are often bump-firing. Now if only the laser guided the nail (like a smart missile) to prevent blowout – then you would have an innovation.

    Also our experience with the CH products (sometimes branded as HUSKY by HD) is that they are a notch below their competition. I obviously have no experience with this new line of nail guns – but had some less than stellar experience with a CH compressor (I know, I know : one test does not prove a rule) – compared to our Emglo’s

  3. Sam Murray says:

    Sounds like a weird ideaand I laughed at it at first, but I was in a test seminar for these nailers and it actually helps. I’m not a contractor but a “weekend warrior” and I have to say these features are really useful! Makes it easy to use… Now if they can just quiet the air compressor this would be a grand slam!!!

  4. fred says:

    Sam Murray:

    Amen – on compressor noise. Maybe Toolmonger could do a survey of “quiet” compressors. The small jobsite units are certainly noisy – and I think that the oil-less ones that we use in really cold conditions – may be the noisiest. Now if we could just get a small one to be as quiet as the Variable Speed Rotary Vane compressor we use in the shop – then we’d have something.

  5. Barri says:

    My Makita mac2400 is the most quite compressor i have ever used. I cant even hear it when im working 95% of the time. I have yet to here a compressor that is as quite.

  6. russ says:

    I love my Porter Cable brad nailer. Haven’t had to adjust it since I bought it. Puts the nail inside perfect everytime. Used it this pass weekend, pulled it out and connected to my pancake compressor. Put in 12 nails (or was it 16) without having to plug in the compressor. No need for a laser. I just wish I could afford the framing nailer.

  7. Frank Townend says:

    Amen on quiet. Of course as I get older things seem to get quiet on their own… The TV, the neighbor’s kids, the lawn mower, etc.

  8. PutnamEco says:

    Re: quite compressors.

    Makita’s are by far the quietest compressors that I know of. Both the twin stack and the hot dog (Mac700,Mac2400) are very well made. I purchased the hot dog,thinking it would be much lighter than my twin stack, It’s not, it weighs around 45 lbs.
    If you want a fairly quite oil less, I would recommend Thomas I have one of their Air Pacs ( T-2820ST) and I know of someone that has the T-635HT and both are worthy, while not as quite as the Makita’s they are still reasonable. I keep thinking I’m going to pick one of the T-635HT up just because of its size. It weighs around 25 lbs. yet still puts out decent air.

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