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I really hate cleaning out my hot tub.  Here in Florida, even if you overdose your tub with chemicals, you’re bound to see algae and scale buildup when you get close to the six-month cleaning.  I especially hate trying to remove that 10-15 gallons at the bottom, below the drain pipe. Today, instead of my classic method of bucket removal and swearing, I broke out my Craftsman two-gallon portable wet/dry vac.

This little wet/dry vac sports a 1-1/2 HP motor that fills the two-gallon tank in about five seconds and rips up stubborn algae in the process. The lid removes easily for quick filling, dumping, and repeating when removing large quantities of water, and because you’re only filling it up two gallons at a time, it’s light enough to manage safely in slippery situations. It also includes three nozzle attachments and a dry vacuum filter.

You can find the Craftsman Clean N Carry two-gallon wet/dry vac at Sears for $30 — a small price to pay for not slipping to your death in a half-filled hot tub.

Clean N Carry Wet/Dry Vac [Sears]
Street Pricing [Google]


15 Responses to Craftsman Clean N Carry 2-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac

  1. Galadriel says:

    To drain & clean our horse troughs (100 gal) without flooding the area around them, we got a small battery-powered sump pump, about $15 or so at Tractor Supply IIRC. We attach a hose on the drain end and leave it running, come back a whiiiiile later and the trough is just about drained with all the water running down the hill 100 ft away. It can’t ever get the last inch or so, but it still pretty much does what we need it to. I wish we had one that didn’t run on batteries, though.

  2. fred says:

    Water transfer pumps are useful tools in the plumbing business. many come with a suction “foot” that gets you down pretty low.


  3. BJN says:

    I use this little shop vac to inflate and deflate whitewater rafts. I plug it into an inverter (300W if I recall correctly to provide the amps needed) powered from a vehicle battery.

    I prefer my larger shop vacs for vacuuming out water from the spots in my spa that don’t drain.

  4. roger rainey says:

    I prefer the Dewalt version. It runs on AC or 18V DC rechargeable battery. Probably a bit weaker, but for big jobs you break out the real shop vac anyway.

  5. MeasureOnceCutTwice says:

    What ever happened to the good old fashioned garden hose siphon?

    That said, a good portable wet/dry vac is a godsend. I use the mini Dewalt for most things, then break out the full sized vac for major jobs.

    Question: Is the Craftsman vac AC powered or battery powered?

  6. Keith says:

    I picked up this little vac a few years ago at a black friday sale for $15. I had a larger one but I thought for the price why not? I use this one all the time. You can get into some hard to reach places that are not always as easy with a big one. I see it on sale now for about $20 and think it is well worth the price.

  7. Ted says:

    The algae & scale is less gnarly on a 3 month cleanout schedule 🙂

    Vaguely related question, anyone have a repair solution for nicks in the gelcoat? I’ve got a small, less than 1/4″ diameter, chip near the waterline that goes down to the fiber.

  8. Kevin Pace says:


    It runs on an extension cord only, no batteries.

  9. Aaron says:


    Find a place that sells boat repair stuff. They will have a clear or colour match gel coat repair package that will fix that for you. Any bumps can be wet sanded down and a little buffing will make it shine again.

  10. Jereme Green says:

    The wet and dry vacs are the bet oes to have one time a basement got flooded And I used the shop vac to get the water out of the basement

  11. flarney says:

    I’m a Fedex driver and I find shop vacs all over my route on garbage day. The one I have works great, the 4 others I’ve given to friends work well too. Why buy when stuff is out for the legal taking.

  12. Chris says:

    These are great little vacs. However my new favorite tool is my cordless ryobi wet/dry vac (not the fake dustbuster thing). Its a little bit bigger than the craftsman but runs on the one+ batteries and is great for quick cleanups when im working or in places theres no outlet for 100 feet. Wish it also ran on ac like the dewalt though, then it would be perfect.

  13. terry says:

    I need a general purpose filter for mine. Does anyone know were I can find a replacement? I love this little work horse!

  14. Darlene Tate says:

    can a hose be purchased for the Clean n Carry 2 gallon

  15. Karen says:

    Is there suppose to be a plug at the other end so debris doesn’t go everywhere? It’s been awhile since it’s been used as wondering why it’s coming out the other end when using. Tried both sides.

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