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When you need a little more leverage prying the lid off a five-gallon bucket, you might want to try this long-handled bucket opener from Warner Tools.  The heavy-duty, cast-aluminum 3-in-1 tool opens buckets, cuts lids, and hammers them back into place.

If you only open a few five-gallon buckets this year, Warner’s 3-in-1 bucket opener might not be worth the $15.  On the other hand, if your paycheck depends upon getting into five-gallon buckets, the money might be justified.

Bucket Opener [Warner Tools]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Warner’s 3-in-1 Bucket Opener

  1. Josh says:

    These are not the best tool for the job, however it does the job of three tools one small package. THe better option is a 5 in 1 a rubber mallet and a 5 gallon bucket opener. Use the 5 in 1 and rubber mallet to cut and the plastic open to pry the lid off. Use Rubber mallet to reseal the bucket.
    Where this tool fails is the cutter is slow to move arouns the bucket, the pryer is not as wide so it requires more force, although set off but he leverage of the handle being longer, sometimes wider is still better. And when hammering the op back on, rubber mallets are more forgiving and the die cast aluminum will bust right through a bucket lid.

    Although this does make an excellent defensive weapon.

  2. fred says:

    We use ones that bear the Rok-It (Power Aisle) name with handles made of tubular steel . I could not find them on the Internet – but found this site:


  3. fred says:

    Even more options:


    This must be a ubiquitous issue – to have so many options.
    I’m surprised!

  4. sarah says:

    We had one of these at the foundry where I was an apprentice, and I loved it desperately. Nothing else that I have used even comes close in ease of use or efficiency.

    I cast us a bootleg duplicate in silicon bronze that I am still kicking myself for leaving behind. 😛

  5. Josh says:

    Fred the sundries business for paint stores is always having new inventions thrown at. When I work at one it was always fun to see what was new each year. Most of it was either junk or to specilized to make money. But the inventors sure love reinventing the wheel or paint can/bucket opener

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