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Knives are pretty simple tools, but it amazes me how much variety you can get by changing just the slightest thing. Take the upcoming release of the Case Holstein Cow family of blades — bet you didn’t see that coming.

The lineup features eight designs, including the Peanut (6220 SS), small Texas Toothpick (610096 SS), medium Stockman (63090 SS), large Stockman (6375 SS), mini Trapper (6207 SS), Trapper (6254 SS), Russlock (61953L SS), and large folding Hunter (6265 SS).  Case makes the handles of smooth (cow) bone with laser-engraved and embellished markings to bring out the black and white moo-cow design — so it’ll literally be a cow pattern on a cow bone.

It’s true, not everyone’ll want to jump right up and snatch these off the shelves — but I learned long ago that it’s unwise to underestimate the cow, and it is futile to resist the cow’s power.  That may have something to do with the fact I live in Texas, but who knows.  At any rate, cow patterns sell, so I figure these knives will, too.

Though Case hasn’t yet said for sure what the average street pricing’ll be, we expect it to fall in the normal $40 to $65 range.

Case Knifeworks [Website]


2 Responses to Preview: The Knife That Says Moo

  1. Jerry says:

    Attention Gateway Computer! Maybe you should offer one of these with every purchase of a new Gateway.

  2. aggiemike says:

    It doesn’t matter what style the put on the handle, Case knives are the best out there. I carry a medium stockman everyday and even own my grandpa’s old case trapper from the 1940’s. And they’re made in America to boot.

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