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These days, a lot of manufacturers and retailers are trying to appeal to the eco-conscious consumer by selling products that make a minimal impact on the environment — it also doesn’t hurt if they save you some money. The new propane-powered string trimmer from LEHR promises to do both.

This trimmer runs on a 25cc 4-stroke engine powered entirely by propane.  A small 16.2oz propane canister, just like the one you use on your portable camping stove or grill, will fuel the engine for about two hours.  Because it’s a 4-stroke engine, it requires no mixing or oil injection, just a small reservoir of 30-weight oil for lubrication and cooling.

While burning propane is slightly more expensive by volume than burning gas, the manufacturer points out that this trimmer requires no oil mixing and no regular maintenance outside of changing the oil reservoir once a year — and due to the engine design, it’s far less likely to need repairing, so it saves you money in the long run.

You can find the trimmer under the LEHR brand name at Home Depot and Ace Hardware, and Craftsman has licensed the same models to be sold under their brand name at Sears.  Before the Craftsman model appeared on shelves a few months ago, we were lucky enough to get our hands on one to play around with, and a few things stood out to me:

1. It’s extremely easy to start — it requires considerably less compression to start it than a standard 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine, and because of the propane injection system there’s no prime and no choke. Just pull and go.

2. The power transfer from engine to drive shaft is very consistent. There’s none of that odd jerking of the cutting head if the idle screw isn’t placed at exactly the right level. This also cuts back on vibration considerably.

3. As a direct result of the consistent power transference, it also idles very quietly. We were able to have a regular conversation without raising our voices while standing over the idling machine. You almost don’t know it’s running.

If you’re interested in seeing this item in action, check out the videos on LEHR’s site or stop by your local Sears. Most stores will demo the trimmer for customers upon request.

Expect to pay $200 for the curved-shaft and $220 for the straight-shaft models.  For $20 extra you can get a model that takes the optional universal attachment.  And if you like this tool, the website says to look for a propane-powered blower by fall of 2009.

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24 Responses to LEHR Propane-Powered String Trimmer

  1. Remarksman says:

    Interesting concept, but the eco-friendly claim seems totally bogus given that those little propane canisters are non-refillable and difficult to recycle because you never know how much propane is left over inside (until you cut into the can!).
    I think that if you factor in those canisters, my gasoline-powered 4-stroke Craftsman trimmer is a lot more eco-conscious.

    • Curtis Murray says:

      The canisters are easily refillable with a $25 adapter. The trimmer runs the tank pretty low I finish them out on my torch.
      The trimmer NEVER NEEDS fuel line or carburetor pump buttons.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    Bent shaft = home owner marketed
    bogus given that those little propane canisters are non-refillable

    Refill adapter

  3. MattC says:

    Interesting concept. I have a cordless rechargable trimmer for my 1/4 acre lot that works well for its intended purpose. However, for larger lots the LEHR/Crafstman Propane might be a better option.

  4. Gerard says:

    Screw weed wacking, I wanna hook that up to my bicycle and zip to work. Weeee 🙂

    • matthew says:

      One was just gave to me, but it is not ideling, I need to figure it out. but I said to my self the same thing, put this bad boy on a bike, plus I have a fixture that I made to refill the small tanks, from a big one, can’t fill it to the brim, but it works

  5. Kevin Pace says:

    I was by Home Depot today and it turns out they’re clearancing out the LEHR branded propane trimmers. The salesman there said sales have been terrible.

    Ironically, sales of the Craftsman branded model at Sears have been great and I’m told we’ll be expanding out the line to include more propane powered items by next year. Guess there is something to say for the power of brand name marketing.

  6. john bargain man says:

    I found the straight shaft model at home depot reduced to 99.99 from 219.00.
    The guy says “oh, you’re getting the new propane weed trimmer!”
    It’s funny, but I couldn’t find them at any other Home Depot store.
    He swore they draw circles around the others.

  7. DavidB says:

    The non-detachable curved- and straight-shaft models are still at Home Depots nationwide. The straight-shaft version has a solid shaft (curved has a cable) and the engine is rated at .6kw or .8hp. While I was shopping at HD, 3 people came up and looked at the box. I told them some of the benefits of the propane (no carb gumming, no winterizing, no mixing of gas and oil, quieter) and 2 of the 3 folks went back and put one in their carts! Where’s my commission? LOL. BTW, the straight-shaft non-detach and both detachable versions (HD doesn’t sell the detachables) are brush blade ready, with larger head guard, barrier bar and shoulder strap (and the straight-shaft unit can accept a blade in place of the line head, Lehr sells the blades for about $25.00).

  8. DavidB says:

    ^^ And they are still on clearance for $99.00

  9. Matt K says:

    Today marks the third time I have tried to use this product.

    I bent the tank strap (my fault) on the first installation, because I did not check their website for the proper procedure, assuming it would be with the included literature, which there was none.

    I had the entire spool head fly off while in use. I am unsure but I would suspect there is supposed to be some sort of pin in the shaft where I see an empty hole.

    The buckle broke on the strap the first time I put it on.

    Today I have finally given up on this product. I finally got it started (yes, it starts hard every time), and was edging my driveway. The bottle ran out of fuel so I grabbed another and put it in. Before even starting I could smell propane, and the was a buzzing, yes, it was buzzing. At this point I removed the bottle, and it (the trimmer) was still buzzing…. ?!? I re-attached the bottle and the buzzing noise stopped. As soon as I tried to start it it started back. The trimmer will not start and the mixed completely Ices over, while buzzing.




  10. George Breitenbach says:

    I am not very happy with my curved shaft model. I’ve only used it a half dozen times since I bought it and the first time was the only time I was happy with it. The second time the bump feed line got jammed up and freeing it up was a chore and only partially successful. The third time the engine stalled and I got the hissing sound from the carb with propane leaking. I have been told too much oil caused a needle valve to stick and I was given instuctions how to clean up the air intake and unstick the needle valve. I was told to make sure that no more than 1.7 oz of oil was in the unit (not the 2..4 oz as instructed in the owners manual). The unit will run for 10 minutes, or so, once I free up the needle valve but the stalling eventually continues as the valve keeps sticking. Fortunately, the service department has been pleasant to deal with and they are fairly certain that the carb needs replacing and they agreed to send one out to me. Assuming the new carb works out, I will be happy and satisfied with the unit, in spite of the troubles. However, Lehr should clear up the confusion on how much oil is needed, especially since it is very difficult to read the dip stick. The service advice I recieved was quite adament that the stick should read very close to half way between the add and full marks (when placed flat on a surface) to ensure oil does not get into the fresh air intake. Most of us who have checked oil over the years would assum “full” was perfect and half way meant you were loosing or burning oil and to keep an eye on it.

  11. Manchester Tank has just released a refillable 1 pound cylinder to the masses on January 1, 2011. That is awesome. We were part of the 8 month test and used them on the trimmers and blowers and they rocked!! No waste and they fill for like 50 cents of propane.

    I want to order 100.

    Best Regards,

    Eric Hansen, President
    Competitive Lawn Service, Inc.

  12. Dave Nilosek says:


    I’ve been looking all over for those refillable 1 pound cylinders. I haven’t seen them anywhere, not even on the Manchester website. Do you have a link, or a contact name so I can find them?

  13. Vern Cutshall says:

    How does the fuel cost compare with Gas if you refile the small propane bottles out of 10 gal gill size tank?

    I like the concept but how are they doing in the reliability department?

    I understand Fiskar has taken over the production and marketing of this trimmer. Any word on where they are going to be made available.

  14. Aaron says:

    Lehr is hard to reach can’t find parts no service or reply?
    I have tied many times to reach Lehrer and no reply. It’s junk if you can’t use it.

  15. harrycouey says:

    I have tried many times to reach Lehrer and no reply .how can i order parts Thanks

    • Pst says:

      Harrycouey, I would not waste my time trying to get parts from Lehr. I ordered a part in line. Never arrived. Able to make human contact once. Said it was shipped. No tracking… I got my money back through my credit card company. Very frustrating!

  16. Mike Klock says:

    I have had one for about 3+ years. Would I buy another, I don’t know. The trimmer is considerably hefter than a 2 cycle motor. It seems to go through string faster than my old 2 cycle. A little hard to start. I use starter spray & starts right up. Mine has started a vibration I haven’t currently located. The idea of placing empty in the freezer before filling is a good idea. After refilling freeze it again and you will be able to top it off. I have an acre & I like the trimmer. Would I buy it again? Not sure…

  17. louis derr says:

    I need the spring that in feeder

  18. Christine c Kluver says:

    I have tried and tried to make contact with this company. I need a pull start and I’ve been trying for a year now. very disappointed. Left messages on the phone and even with their message board. Poor, poor customer service. Can anyone get through to this company?

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