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I saw this image in the photo pool and had to know more. These badass-looking planes are the work of Steve Knight — apparently he’s been professionally crafting wooden planes for close to ten years now. As soon as I started looking around a little, I came across lots of praise for his handmade planes, and looking at these examples I can understand why.

The first thing I noticed about the gear coming out of Knight Toolworks:  they’re made to work, not just look pretty. On his site Steve says, “I flat out will not sell a lousy plane.”  For some reason the attitude and commitment to his work in that small statement makes me want to know more.  So I called a few woodworking buddies of mine who are nuts about planes, and they confirmed that he’s the real deal.

All of Steve’s planes come in Ipe, Padouk, or Purpleheart, but he’s willing to work with a myriad of other woods as well — if you have your heart set on something, just ask, and he’ll make sure you get taken care of.  Also, remember that these are working planes. If you want jaw-dropping finish work, you may need another rig. If you want a great-looking plane that you won’t be afraid to work with, this could be it.

Prices for the planes start at around $85 and work their way up to something like $415 for the plow plane. And his custom-crafted marking knives go for $35. The good news is Knight Toolworks posts all their prices up front and seem very open about what they can and can’t deliver. From what we can see, they deliver nice-looking, shop-quality gear for about what I’d expect to pay for it. You really can’t ask for more than that.

Knight Toolworks [Website]
Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


4 Responses to Steve Knight Toolworks

  1. Gary says:

    Don’t own any, but a friend does. I’m not the woodie fan my buddy is, but Steve’s planes do work very well.

  2. This image is one of my photographs. I added it to the toolmonger flickr group. I’m surprised to see if here without any credit to me….Did I miss something?

  3. Zathrus says:


    No, but Sean did. Sean, wasn’t anything learned from the last time? You need to follow the Creative Commons rules for the photos you pull from the flickr pool — the license Dick put it under means you MUST give attribution in order to use it.


  4. Dick Rochester says:

    Thanks for linking to my photo on Flickr. I’m happy now. I also have some other photos of my Steve Knight planes on Flickr.

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