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Here’s the lucky winner of our Stanley FatMax tape measure giveaway.  Actually, reader Zero won the FatMax, and this is the photo of his dad that he sent us, but you get the point.  Congrats to Zero, and we wish him and his dad a happy Father’s Day.  Your tape was postmarked and on its way to you as of this morning!

We’re planning a few more giveaways for the summer, so keep an eye out for those.  In the meantime you have a few weeks to shop for dear old dad.  Make ’em count.

Stanley FatMax Giveaway [Toolmonger]


One Response to Stanley FatMax Giveaway

  1. Zeros says:

    Hi dad! Thanks for the picture!

    He will get a kick out of this when I send him the link.

    Thanks again to Sean and Toolmonger.com

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