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There are lots of ways to store multiple insert bits in a multi-bit screwdriver, but Wiha might have the neatest.  As the eight-bit tray flips out of the ergonomic cushion-grip handle, the internal drawer rotates so you can easily access the bits.

It looks like the bits are held in the bit drawer by friction, so they don’t all come flying out of the handle when you flip the bit tray open. Once you’ve chosen the correct precision-machined 1/4″ insert bit, strong rare earth magnets keep it secure at the end of the hardened tool-steel shaft.

Wiha makes three insulated and three non-insulated versions of the BitFlip, each with a different set of bit inserts. Their pricing is $28 for the non-insulated and $30 for the insulated versions, but you can find ’em for under $20 if you shop around.

BitFlip Sets [Wiha]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


6 Responses to Wiha BitFlip Drivers

  1. Pete says:

    I have a bunch of Wiha drivers (tiny torx, flat & phillips) for working on camera equipment, electronics, and pocket knives. They are high quality and have lasted for years, unlike the junk you get at the local hardware store.

    Sign up for their e-mail list and you’ll get sale notifications. Something like this gimicky bit flip dodad WILL be on special at some point. Patience.

    Pete D.

  2. Trevor says:

    The standard BitFlip is actually on sale right now, for $18.19.

  3. heywood says:

    I constantly ask myself the question, “why don’t more American companies put out a decent set of drivers?” I am an electrician, and as do most of us “sparkies” I use Klein. Recently they have put out a new version of their “journeyman” series that are shaped like wiha, felo and witte but looking at them I would almost guess that there’s one of two things going on: either Klein is brazenly copying felo or they are having them make most of the driver and then finishing them off in the states so they can say “made in USA”.

    Not sure, but I also have a wiha bit holder; that thing is great and locks bits in well even without the quick-change feature on the bit. They are expensive, tho…

  4. Harry says:

    I have one of those and what I like best about it, is that the bits don’t rattle around the inside of the handle as they do in most magnetic screwdrivers when you use it. I like it. I wish Wiha would come out with one with a shorter blade.

  5. Zathrus says:


    Klein couldn’t do that. If the majority (or even a significant percentage – over 5% IIRC) was made outside of the US then they couldn’t mark it “made in the USA”. At best they could claim “Assembled in the USA”.

    See http://www.ftc.gov/os/1997/12/epsmadeusa.htm

  6. Adon says:

    I haven’t owned a multi-bit driver in over 10 years. I just don’t like them. I don’t know why, I just don’t.

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