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Ever since the discovery of the spork, people have been trying with limited success to combine two implements into one and give it a catchy contracted name.  Now some company has decided to merge two indispensable gardening tools, the rake and the trowel, into what they call the Trake.

Tierra Derco (Hen-Feathers Studios) casts the tool from aluminum, with a pointed measured trowel on one end and a narrow rake on the other, and they coat the handle with green vinyl for a comfortable grip. Besides only having to carry one tool, an advantage of combining the two tools end to end is that the 17″ total length provides a longer reach and more leverage.

Pricing for the Trake starts at $17.

Trake [Tierra Derco]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Oops! You Left The Garden Tools Alone In The Dark

  1. bigalexe says:

    Hmm, while i can understand these two tools are both used while landscaping i dont ever recall using the two interchangeably to the point where i would like them both in my hand at once. I guess if you have the money its ok.

    I also would like to add on a personal note that despite the catchyness of the name it has already been taken. I use the term Trach (pronounced TRAKE) as a shortened name for tracheostomy tube. Lets not confuse medical equipment and garden tools please.

  2. Tim C says:

    Those contracted names are a lot trickier than you’d think. I invented a new piece of clothing that combined a pair of shorts with a skirt. For some reason my “Shirt” fell flat, but another designer came up with the same idea and was successful when they named it a “Skort”! Go figure!

  3. Jay A says:

    Why am I suddenly reminded of the “Flight of the Concords” camera phone?


  4. Davo says:

    If they made one for eating, I would buy it…

  5. Schmoe says:

    Meh. Was never a big fan of the spork. I preferred the “foon” myself

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