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It’s been a busy week here at Toolmonger.  If you’ve been spending time in the shop — you should! — and you haven’t had a chance to keep up with Toolmonger this week, we suggest you start with these posts, which our readers helped to select:

Sports Team Tool Belts
With Father’s Day about a month away, I’m sure many of us are scrambling to find this year’s present.  If your dad’s a sports fan and a Toolmonger, you might want to check out these sports-themed tool belts from Fantasia Memorabilia.

Dual-Cut Lopper
When you’re pruning, you don’t want to carry around a bunch of tools, so Fiskars’ Dual-Cut lopper lets you cut both large and small branches cleanly with the same tool.

Installing A Heated Tile Floor
You can count on the good Southern boys at Extreme How-To for good content and solid plans for tackling projects you may not have considered for the homestead.  Right now in a three-minute video on the main page of the site, Matt Weber runs through some of the major steps involved in laying down a radiant heat tile floor.

Get Your Bins Off The Floor
Create more space in your garage, shop, basement, or other room by getting your bins off the floor and hanging them on the wall with the Enviro Stacker.

In-Outlet Surge Protection
If you don’t own a surge suppressor for your whole house or building, the next best thing might be surge suppressors built right into key outlets around your home or office.  There’s less clutter without the power strips, and you’re protected even if you plug your electronics right into the wall.

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