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You can’t swing a hammer to save your life — is a bigger head going to help?  Stanley claims the larger sweet spot on their new hammer will reduce the number of misses and deliver more power to the blows that do hit the nail on the head.

Stanley makes the forged steel head of this 16oz claw hammer 70% larger (than other Stanley 16 oz. claw hammers?) and they temper the rim to reduce chipping and spalling.  They give the handle a graphite core to reduce weight and a ribbed and flared grip to prevent the hammer from flying out of your hand.

Stanley currently only sells this hammer at participating “Preview Dealer” stores.  For now you’ll pay $17 at the Do it Best website with free to-store shipping — if you can find a store nearby that’s participating.

FatMax 51-505M [Stanley]
FatMax 51-505M [Do it Best]


13 Responses to Can’t Miss This Hammer’s Sweet Spot

  1. Adam R says:

    Hey it worked for golf clubs didn’t it?

  2. Davo says:

    Looks like it’s much more efficient, at crushing your thumb, and forefinger…

  3. FFFish says:

    Seems to me it’d just make an off-center blow worse.

  4. Mike47 says:

    Mass and area replaces skill. What a concept.

  5. Ken says:

    WOW! Could I smash the hell out of my thumb with that.

  6. Ken says:

    pretty soon we will have nails with with heads to match the hammer.

  7. myballsitch says:

    Anybody else sick of “funny” comments written by people who have
    never used the tool?

  8. Trevor D. says:

    This whole comment progression is hilarious, including the last one, hahaha. Oh the irony.

  9. Ken says:

    I remember when i first started using hammers how surprised I was that a longer (not wider) hammer did the job faster and more accurately- it’s difficult to swing a longer hammer (the head is longer, not the shaft) at an angle than a short one. then it’s just a matter of getting it on target, which you’ll have to do with *any* hammer, and the nails in with two hits, doesn’t matter if it’s a 4 inch nail or a finishing nail.

    and with that experience, I look at this and think “somebody’s going to pay more for a worse tool because they think it’s better?”

  10. Joe C. says:

    Just like a Pontiac, “Wider is Better.” Marketing is a wonderful thing . . ..

  11. tinbender2 says:

    Isn’t that beveled edge on the strike face going to cause the hammer to move sideways even more, when it contacts the nail head? Won’t this increase the chances of crushing your nearby thumb?

    How about a hammer with a concave strike face, for all the newbie carpenters.

  12. bob says:

    Yeah, catch that bevel and smash a digit.

  13. eric says:

    It’s a 16 oz. hammer…. How hard are you swinging??????

    tap tap

    Descent idea, not practical

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