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Wooden shims have their advantages — for instance, with just two cheap tapered shims, you can adjust their width almost infinitely — but they’re not very handy if you want a bunch of 1/8″ shims.  Plus if you don’t stack an even number of shims, the surfaces aren’t parallel.  Although these Handi-Shims are more expensive, they might work better for some applications.

The four sizes of Handi-Shims are color-coded so you can easily recognize them:  1/32″ shims are green, 1/16″ shims are red, 1/8″ shims are white, and 1/4″ shims are blue.  You can break the shims along score lines to get smaller pieces, and the shims have a countersunk hole to accept wood screws.  You can reuse ’em, and they don’t rot or decay.

You can buy an assorted pack of 100 from Amazon for $11 plus $9 shipping or an assorted pack of 40 from Woodcraft for $6 and $7 shipping.  You can also get bags of 100 or boxes of 1,000 Handi-Shims in single sizes.  In light of the shipping charges, you may want to wait for these shims to come to retail stores, or at least order something else to lessen the pain of shipping.

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Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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