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Here’s a great way to start feeling old: the Dustbuster is 30 years old this year.  Of all the products to make it 30 years, I would not have picked the Dustbuster as one that would stand the test of time — however it has done that and more. Almost everyone has owned one at some point, and the 2009 model kicks the crap out of the old 1979 version both in power and also, thankfully, in style.

In 1995, an original 1979 model of the Dustbuster was put on display at the Smithsonian in their electrical collections at the National Museum of American History, alongside Edison’s first light bulbs and Bell’s first telephone. Laugh if you want, but that’s an accolade I think B&D deserves to crow a little about.

Love it or hate it, the original handheld cordless vacuum is here to stay. We wonder what the odds in Vegas would have been in ’79 that this tiny hunk of rechargeable plastic would become a household name like Kleenex or Q-Tip.  As unlikely as it may be, Happy 30th, Dustbuster.

Dustbuster [Black & Decker]
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9 Responses to The Dustbuster Turns 30

  1. Zeros says:

    My parents had one of those old tan dustbusters. I can’t believe they have been around for that long. It’s hard to believe that the dustbuster has been around for almost as long as I’ve been alive.

  2. Fabian says:

    30 years of innovation and the batteries still die on units less than a year old..

    B&D needs to figure this crap out..


  3. blore40 says:


    Why would B&D do that? They want you buying expensive batteries time and gain.

  4. zoron says:

    I’ll pass on the beige but the old styling beats the new hands down. the new version looks too girly IMO.

  5. PutnamEco says:

    Fabian Says:
    30 years of innovation and the batteries still die on units less than a year old..

    B&D needs to figure this crap out..
    They make a model with an external removable battery


  6. Josh says:

    I have one of the external removable battery ones and it does not have the suction and the battery weighs a ton. I was able to grab several PHV1800CB on sale at Home Depot two years ago for $10 marked down from $60. Powerful light(er) and plenty of suction.

  7. Mike says:

    Received one 25 years ago as a wedding gift, lasted about 6 months before battery had less than 15 seconds of life. Bought another one just last year. Battery lasts almost 45 seconds. Wow! Triple the battery life!

  8. TommyP says:

    I think I still have an old one downstairs on a shelf I bought at a thrift store – soldered a new cord but wasn’t happy – the battery life sucks. Bought the new one about two years ago and am very impressed, my battery has been fine and it sucks – in a good way. Just don’t like when you fold it up to put it away, the stuff you sucked up falls out all over if you don’t have a trash can handy.

    I like that red one, maybe I need one for downstairs?

  9. jose acevedo says:

    hello i have a old black & decker.dustbuster.from the 1979.love to know is it worth anything.am not useing it .its just sitting in my room.thank you

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