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Handy as a painter’s tool, portable like a folding knife — Warner Tool’s painter’s blade, unlike a traditional painter’s tool, is something you might actually want to carry in your pants pocket.

The stainless steel blade scrapes, spreads, cuts, and cleans.  With the nickel-plated end that caps the textured nylon handle you can pound and set nails.  The blade flicks open with one hand and locks open.  The reversible thumb knob lets you operate it with either hand.  Depress the spring-loaded lock to close the blade again.

Warner’s painter’s blade is a little more expensive than other painter’s tools — list price is $30.

Folding Tool [Warner]
Folding Tool [eContractorStore]


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  1. Gough says:

    These are a whole lot handier than the less expensive (non-folding) version. We’ve been carrying them for several years now, and the only problem that we’ve ever had is that I did manage to lose a a thumb knob on one of them. That was no biggie to replace.

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