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Sometimes a bit extension will get you where you want to go, but it only works with limited shank sizes.  If you’re working with an incompatible shank, this chuck extender sold by Lee Valley Tools might just come in handy.

The 14″ extender features a 3/8″ keyed chuck and a sliding aluminum handle.  Besides keeping the bit steady, the handle allows you to apply lateral force on whatever bit, drum, or brush you have chucked into the extender.

You’ll pay $17 plus shipping at Lee Valley for the chuck extender.

Chuck Extender [Lee Valley]


6 Responses to Extend Your Drill’s Reach

  1. fred says:

    This seems like a decent DIY’er tool – and the hand grip seems like a neat idea.

    We use a lot of selfeed bits – and Milwaukee makes several different length hexagonal drive extensions for these. The newer ones work with a quick-change chuck. I believe that Irwin and other make similar products.

    What I really thought was neat (being a plumber at heart) were the old Greenlee 1440 Pipe Bit Kits that came with two end adapters – one that you chucked in the drill – and the other that you affixed to the selfeed bit. Both ends faced-out on 3/8 NPT threads – so you used a piece of 3/8 black iron pipe as the extension. This gave you vitually unlimited length combinations.
    Sadly, Greenlee no longer makes these kits – but we still have a few around the shop.

  2. Toddi says:

    It works even better when the drill has a battery!

  3. matt says:

    Hey fred, wouldn’t that greenlee thing suck for going backwards?

  4. fred says:


    Selfeed bits are mostly one-way affairs – used with big right angle drills (we use Milwaukee Hole Hawgs, Super Hole Hawgs and similar tools by Makita). The lead screw pulls the cutting spurs into the work at pretty good speed. The big issue is sometimes reaction torque – and that’s why the new big Dewalt right angle drill is being advertised as having attempted to solve that problem.

  5. Mr P says:


    it may have a battery what you see there is a place holder for a bit

  6. tinbender2 says:

    Probably okay for light duty work. A hobbyist/homeowner may find it useful. $17 is pretty cheap, assuming it is a quality tool.

    Unless it is hardened, I think any serious lateral force will warp that 3/8 shaft pretty quick.

    I already have 12″ and 18″ long drill bits, as well as in-line drills, so have no need for this.

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