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If you always seem to be looking for a piece of paper to jot down measurements when using your tape measure, look no further.  The LaserJamb PMS25 measuring tape sports a round, reusable writing pad built right into the side of the tape measure, so you can record your measurements as soon as you make ’em.  You write on the white pad with a standard #2 pencil, and you can erase your marks easily with either a rubber eraser or cloth.

In addition to the handy marking pad, this tape measure also features easy-to-read standard and metric markings on a 25′ coated, scratch-resistant blade, a sliding triple-rivet tail, a durable rubber boot, and a locking mechanism.  Having standard and metric measurements on the same tape is an extremely handy feature for Toolmongers who travel internationally or for servicemen and women, who often come across both standard and metric situations daily.

FastCap also makes a large assortment of these erasable-pad tape measures, but the LaserJamb is the only standard/metric that I found available in a 25′ model.  Amazon sells the tape measure for $11.50, and it qualifies for free shipping if you can find another $14 worth of items.

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2 Responses to LaserJamb Erasable-Pad Metric/Standard Tape

  1. fred says:

    There seem to be a number of options offered at this site:


    I have no experience with these.
    We either use short compant tapes – or Fatmax tapes that have wide blades and excellent stand out distances.

    For estimating – and more and more for our cabinet work – we’ve been resorting to Leica laser measuring tools – very accurate and stores measurements for repeatable results.

  2. Dave P says:

    fastcap tapes have this feature–plus they are hella durable, with lots of useful tape types.

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