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You can count on the good Southern boys at Extreme How-To for good content and solid plans for tackling projects you may not have considered for the homestead.  Right now in a three-minute video on the main page of the site Matt Weber runs through some of the major steps involved in laying down a radiant heat tile floor.

In the video section you’ll find a library of other clips that give you the downlow on other types of flooring and tile work along with overviews on larger projects. They aren’t step-by-step walkthroughs by any stretch, but they do give you a solid idea of what you might be walking into if you’re attempting a similar project.  If you’ve ever gone down what seemed like a short road, but which turned out to be a mess waiting to happen, you’ll appreciate the chance to arm yourself with this good information.

They’re definitely worth a look if you’re considering a project covered in one of the videos.

Extreme How-To [Website]
EHT Videos [YouTube Channel]


2 Responses to Installing A Heated Tile Floor

  1. Davo says:

    Excellent! I have been interested in a product system, like this, for quite a while now…thanks!

  2. be careful about ur woodeen furniture while installing underfloor heating. if water remains standing on the floor then underfloor heating may evaporate much quickly damaging ur expensive furniture

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