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You thought the only thing missing from your layout square was lasers — well, the Stanley FatMax Laser Level square may not have all the functionality of a layout square, but it does feature two lasers attached to an aluminum 90-45-45° square with level and plumb vials to boot.

Stanley gives the square a precision-machined 90° edge and marks the hypotenuse with 5-degree angle markings typically found on a layout square.  You can mount the square on vertical surfaces with a re-usable adhesive putty.

Simply push the button to activate the lasers.  Powered by three AA batteries, two 635nm laser diodes project a line up to 100′ depending on the lighting conditions.  Stanley calibrates the lasers to be accurate to 1/4″ at 60′.  And just in case it’s raining like you need an ark, the electronics enclosure is waterproof to the IP55 standard.

Stanley’s Laser Lever Square includes a laser target, carrying case, batteries, user manual, and two adhesive putty mounts.  Pricing varies between $110 and $140.

Laser Level Square [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Like A Layout Square With Frickin’ Laser Beams

  1. fred says:

    Just about the same as a CST Berger one that we have – but have not found useful enough to buy more of.

    My tile sub – uses a Dewalt Tile Laser that he likes:


  2. ShopMonger says:

    Mini Me……stop humpin the laser level already………..get a frickin room already

  3. Robinson Barranco says:

    hello my name is robinson Dominican Republic
    I am very interresado in your product and I would like to know the price and buy a sample

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