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The art of finding deals is very simple — start looking in places where people go to get rid of things.  The quintessential place to do that here in the states is at flea markets, those mythical places where proof of bargains can be neither confirmed or denied.  However, reader Jey_lux offers up proof and posts up his latest score from what turned out to be a profitable trip to his local flea market.

He bought this sweet vintage vise, 40 lbs. of solid American iron, for the tender sum of $10, and he was offered five times what he paid for it before he could even lug its mass off the grounds.  Now it’s sitting pretty in his shop, ready to do what it was designed for –- to hold stuff and last forever.  Nice find.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


3 Responses to Flickr Pool: Flea Market Deal

  1. kg2v says:

    Ask me about my $10 Emmert – yes, a flea market. I eventually sold it for a LOT more than that

  2. matt says:

    how about your $10 Emmert kg2v?

  3. Jason says:

    Thanks for posting it up,

    I cleaned out the nut and bolt action inside and mounted it to the work bench. Works like it was supposed to. I would like to figure out what the era it is one of these days.

    The guy who wanted to give me 50 dollars for it is still bitter that i wouldn’t sell it to him. hah!

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